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Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 3
Sunday, December 04, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo - Episode Three - The Filthy Mound

Ah baseball, so popular in the states and so popular in Japan it seems. Fortunately coming from the UK I am not often subjected to the most dull sport of all time (and given my opinion on sports as a whole that's some title), but in this episode of Jigoku Shoujo I happen to be.

Plot Synopsis
Mamoru is the star player of the school baseball team, he is a pitcher and is admired by all. He is even being watched by talent scouts for the pro leagues who are seriously considering signing him up. However Mamoru to put it lightly, isn't a nice person. After some practice Mamoru hits a boy named Maroi in the ribs with a baseball bat and Maroi's friend Iwashita has to help Maroi home. Afraid of spoiling the teams chances Maroi tells Iwashita not to mention Mamoru attacking him as if Mamoru was off the team they would lose. Iwashita tells Maroi's parents he slipped on the pitching mound to co-oberate his friends story. Tragically however Maroi's injuries turn out to be fatal and he dies soon after, Mamoru acting like he is not at all responsible at school and the blame falling on Iwashita. Wanted by the police and shunned by all, Iwashita becomes desperate and decides its time to summon Enma Ai and her happy friends from Hell to take revenge on Mamoru. Which we all knew was going to happen from the start of the episode. Yay!

The revenge sequence here is as good as ever with various demonic baseball players and cheerleaders with skin missing cheering on Mamoru on his way to hell. Probably the most creative and fitting revenge sequence so far in the anime, and my favourite part of the episode (as always).

Again the story here and the revenge sequence manage to pull of being entertaining despite being based around the dreaded sport of baseball. The show will begin to suffer soon though if the stories don't become more shocking and slightly less "taking the moral high ground". I want to see people who are evil taking revenge, accompanied by mad laughter.

The revenge is granted!

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, December 04, 2005  
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