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Gokujou Seitokai - Episode 20
Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai | Episode 20 | Ayu-Chan The Idol

After a break from Miyagami High School we now return! Yay!

Plot Synopsis
Ayu and Rino (and of course Puu-chan) are walking down the street one day when shock of all shocks Ayu is spotted by a talent scout who immediately sets about making her the next star idol “Ayu Ayu”. Ayu seems happy to do this, and quickly gets involved, the student council backing her based largely on the fact a lot of them want to meet their favourite male idols. The only people who do not seem entirely convinced of the idea are the covert squad (Kuon, Seina and Kotoha in case you’ve forgotten).

As it turns out Ayu used to be a ninja (of all things) before coming to the school and her brother sees her as an up and coming idol and decides he cannot control his anger towards her. Attacking her on the school premises Ayu makes it clear that wanted to stop being a ninja as she quite simply didn’t like the outfits and the ninja lifestyle. After much battling and (Rino and Puu-chan restoring some order) things become simpler as Ayu’s brother agrees to let his sister be an idol on condition she introduces him to his own favourite female idol. Everything looks happy and all set for Ayu’s debut live concert at the school. Everythings going to be fine? Of course not! When it is revealed Ayu is going to dress as a ninja for her idol gimmick she runs for the hills, and the rest of the student council have to put on their dire power-rangers spoof from an earliar episode again. Of course the sell out crowd are not happy!

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- Ayu is revealed as the final member of the student council, the last member of the covert squad.
- Ayu is the one who rigged the student council elections in episode 1 so Rino beat Kaori.
- Puu-chan's singing and stretching excercises are one of the few "lol" moments of the episode.
- Nanaho's secret addiction to boy bands.

This episode is mindless filler, unfortunately it’s not that good mindless filler with only a few funny bits. Ayu isn’t the most interesting character in the series by a long shot and really isn’t interesting compared to the other three covert members. Probably the second weakest episode for me in the series so far.


Next Episode
Rein is about the only cast member who hasn’t had her own episode yet. So next time in Episode 21 the gambling addict girl gets an episode all to herself. More filler? Or key to the plot? Wait and see!

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, December 07, 2005  
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