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Gokujou Seitokai 22
Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai | Episode 22 | Gokujou Card Battle!

Episode Contents
It's spoof time as the Gokujou battle it out in a deadly game of cards! Featuring themselves!

To fuel the funds for the school/dormitories/insane number of cars, Minamo has produced a card game which is popular among all schools in the area featuring the Gokujou student council. However various members of the student council soon discover that their cards arent quite good enough stat wise to meet their approval, and also various embarrassing secrets are revealed through them. Nanaho in particular is furious that her "tough" image is shattered by the fact that in the card game (just like in reality) her weakness is teddy bears. The girls are soon divided into those opposed and against the game, with mainly assault squad members and Rino on one side (with the exception of Kaori) and the covert members on the other (with Kaori and Mayura and Minamo). They decide to settle things by... Playing cards! Kuon and Nanaho captain each side with Kanade being the "host" for this live card battle!!! Broadcast on TV seemingly!
The battle which takes up most of the episode consists of Yu-Gi-Oh like conflict between Rino (and Puu-chan), and Minamo selected candidates from each team. Things from this point get rather chaotic as the cards are plays with bizarre effects on the living duellers and some hilarious attacks and animations from the cards. When the dust settles though, who will have won?! In true Gokujou fashion it is of course a draw for the most part with Kuon getting one up on Nanaho!

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- The RIno card is revealed to be (what a surprise) useless!
- Puu-chan triples Rino's attack but multiples the Kaori cards attack by ten!
- The "homework" card counters Rein's attack.
- Kuon's attack is the rather cool "Icy Stare"
- The rather scary (and everso gay) Kanade card attack involves her saying "Lets Do Fun Things", Kaori is as ever dazzled by the beauty of the card version of Kanade, going all starry eyed when its played.
- Seina has perhaps the scariest attack, just from how bizarre it is.

A much more fun bit of filler than the previous episode, entertaining silly and a good spoof! Now with only four episodes left to go till the conclusion what will happen? Next episode covers Landlady and the "Gokujou secret", what will the secret be? Is it plot? Or filler?! Find out next episode!


posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, December 31, 2005  
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