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Gokujou Seitokai 21
Monday, December 26, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai | Episode 21 | Fine Days Are Always Rein

Episode Contents
Upon finding a baby at the doors of the Gokujou dormitories, Rein-chan begins to lavish care and attention on the child while the rest of the council attempt to find it's mother. However, as Rein becomes more and more wrapped up in the baby, Rino begins to wonder why she is quite so obsessed and Kaori reveals to her Rein's past. Rein was abandoned as a child and taken in by Sayuri's family, she had lived with her father who was a gambler and ran off without her, this is why she doesn't want the baby to be alone so much. Rein keeps up a facade that she really hates her father, when really she'd like to see him again but when in the baby investigation Kotoha finds Rein's father is in local hotel Rein is so wrapped up in the baby she doesn't want to find him.

After some persuasion from Rino (involving her doing a bizarrely loud shout), the council talk sense into Rein and set out to find the babies parents and Reins father. Meanwhile Rein's father has met the babies mother, and talked her around to getting the baby back using a card trick evidently feeling guilty for what he did to his own daughter. He slips away on a train after doing so. Meanwhile Rino once again uses her "cosmic shout" she seems to be oddly developing to gain the mothers attention as to where the baby is (only after much fruitless searching like she can only shout when upset), and reunites them both. The mother drops a card as she embraces her baby, and Rein somehow (magically? =x) realizes its her fathers and again somehow realizes he's helped the mother. She feels glad he is still alive.

Kanade and Seina later on watch Rino from the a vantage point as she sits with some of the other girls, and its obvious the cosmic shouts have caused some concern. Apparently Rino is awakening!!! *gasp*, whatever that actually means! Kanade is obviously concerned by the possibility of this happening anyway as she whispers "Stay the same Rino". The plot regarding Rino continues to develop.

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- The rumors as to where the baby has come from. Oh-no not Paya-Paya!!!
- Sayuri scaring the baby with her glasses tricks
- The usual ninja antics of the covert squad (its just so entertaining to see each episode)

What we have here is a vastly contrived and fairly nauseating story that is mostly just filler yet again. It's good the baby is reunited with its mother of course but overall the episode seemed a bit too serious for Gokujou, a series that hasn't done serious too well a lot of the time. It's not a bad episode overall mind, some funny bits, some plot development and overall a fairly good quality. Next time it looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh spoof episode, only 5 episodes to go!


posted by Mangaminx On Monday, December 26, 2005  
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