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Burst Angel DVD #5
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DVD Information

DVD Title: Burst Angel #5: Line In The Sand
Company: Funimation
Age Rating: 14+
Genre: Mecha, Action
Running Time: 100 mins
Episodes: 17) Duelling Angels, 18) The Immortal Classmate, 19) 24 Hour Strategy, 20) Blood Red Highway
Audio Options: English, Japanese
Extras: Funimation Trailers, Audio Commentry “Duelling Angels” (with Chris Bevans, Monica Rial and Colleen Clinkenbeard), Japanese Cast/Staff Interviews (Akeno Watanabe, Megumi Toyoguchi, Mikako Takahashi, Rie Tanaka, Kaneko Tomoaki, Ugetsu Hakua), Japanese Audio Drama Episodes 11-12 and three mini episodes, Mr Stain On Junk Alley episode.

DVD Contents

Episode 17: Duelling Angels
Jo and Maria battle in the depths of the macabre world they have entered meeting and speaking face to face. Jo not taking Maria’s offer to join her side to kindly.

- Jo’s and Maria seem to almost cause each others heads to explode when they first get close to each other as of the apparent psychic bond between them.
- Maria reveals they were both “created” to serve someone, and she has been ordered to track Jo down as she has “malfunctioned”. Presumably the two of them are battle cyborgs, or genetically modified creatures which you probably guessed ages ago.
- Jo seems a little traumatised by the fact that Maria looks like her, except with really scary hair and perhaps an even more ridiculous outfit gravity defying clothing.
- One of the coolest mecha fights I have ever seen takes place in this episode with Jango fighting Maria’s rather sinister spikey mech. Lots of slow motion bullet dodging big explosions and a rather odd exploding horse (it has to be seen to make sense).

Episode 18: The Immortal Classmate
Oh noes! A filler episode, as Kyohei meets up with an old classmate who happens to have become a Cyberoid.

- Kyohei actually manages to pull himself out of the “complete and total wuss” tag that he’s had for the entire series here as he manages to get through lots of explosions and violence while maintaining bladder control and not screaming.
- Lots of blood gore and over the top violence as Kyo’s friend opens his kneecaps up and slaughters lots of people who seem to think they can take out a walking chunk of metal with swords.
- Cue mindless flashbacks to Kyo and his friends’ childhood demonstrating how his friend can take out muggers while Kyo manages to run around the school field in his boxer shorts to prove he isn’t a coward.
- Cheese time, as we are shown a western like “last stand” scene with a character fighting till the last with tears in his eyes. It’s meant to be sad? Personally I found it hilarious.

Episode 19: 24 Hour Strategy
Takane comes to visit Tokyo, but unfortunately for her and the rest of the girls, she happens to fall prey to an evil scheme involving mind control by some super evil organization behind the “glowing brains”, from previous episodes.

- Fairly amusing moments here as Takane gets a little too carried away with her like of TV dramas and thinks that the live performance she is watching is real.
- Leo gets dragged into being Takane’s guide to the city, as the girls quite frankly can’t stand her over zealous attitude drawing attention to them.
- The series gets a bit surreal when the mind control starts, Jo gets sucked into a weird parallel world where she battle the giant brain doing the mind control. In the world she actually appears in Jango’s body.
- Amy’s PC melts causing her to have a minor coronary presumably as she isn’t on the net for .5 seconds of her life.
- “Sinister guy in suit” reveals himself as perhaps the main baddie and watches things unfold on a giant TV screen.

Episode 20: Blood Red Highway
RAPT are testing out new road security cybots that execute those who break the highway code. Jo and Takane have never really displayed “safe” driving skills come to think of it.

- Takane once again gets overzealous and almost takes on an armed RAPT unit which could draw attention to Sei’s mercenary band. Fortunately a quick phone call from Meg prevents her from getting into a big fight.
- All out chase scene takes place for most of this episode as the rather sinister cybots chase down the girls in their trailer. Sei has her work cut out driving the motorway whilst being pursued. Adrenaline pumping stuff.
- Pretty explosions are the order of the day as Jo eventually takes Jango to the roads to help save her friends. Of course this means the usual amounts of slow motion, tattoo glowing and general carnage in the most fun episode on the disc.


Overall, a fun disc! Lots of thrilling action, some decent plot advances in episodes 17 and 19 and everything set up for an over the top explosive ending to the TV series next volume. The plot may not be the greatest, but the show is so much fun it’s fairly irrelevant.

Contents: 8
Animation: 9

Audio: 9

Extras: 10

Packaging: 9

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, December 14, 2005  
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