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Manga: Lament Of The Lamb 5
Saturday, November 05, 2005
Title: Lament Of The Lamb 5
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Tokyopop
Author: Kei Toume
Age Rating: 16+

Things take on a very dark turn here, as Chizuna has to come off taking the drug that stops her needing blood for her own safety. This causes her to have mad cravings for it, but she still refuses to feed getting sicker and sicker. Minase uses this opportunity to take her to his private hospital, partly out of concern but partly perhaps as he is jealous of the relationship between Kazuna and Chizuna. However Chizuna takes it upon herself to escape the hospital and return to her beloved brother side. She begins taking the drug again to stop her hunger, despite knowing it may soon kill her from overuse. Meanwhile back at the house, Kazuna is wracked by the pangs of hunger without his sister to feed from. He desperately needs to feed. This volume centers heavily on the cravings for blood the two suffer from and what it is certainly implied will eventually send them both over the edge. It also focuses on Minase's rather disturbing obsession with Chizuna, and perhaps his jealousy at how "close" her relationship with her brother is getting.

Content: 8
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, November 05, 2005  
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