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Manga: Lament Of The Lamb 4
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Title: Lament Of The Lamb 4
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Tokyopop
Author: Kei Toume
Age Rating: 16+

Chizuna and Kazuna continue to isolate themselves from everyone they know here in what sets itself up for the best volume of the series so far. Despite Chizuna and Minase telling Kazuna to continue going out like he was "normal", his fear of hurting Yaegashi means he mostly is purely round Chizuna. This evidently causes them to get closer, to the level they find comfort from the world in each others arms, and share passionate kisses for the first time. The incest side of the story develops heavily here, as Kazuna despite deep down knowing his sister is using him as a replacement for their father gives into his feelings for her, and she to him. Its certainly a dark relationship, with the pair both having a lot of issues that are perhaps driving them together rather than real love. It is clear they are both obsessed with one another by this point in the story. As for their descent further into cravings for blood both of them continue to have increasingly violent cravings which you know will soon end in tragedy for a human who crosses their paths. It feels as if its a matter of if not when as this looming cloud of misery hangs over an already bleak story. The fact Chizuna will not feed from her brother means her bloodlust continues to not be sated, while his is from her.

Content 9

Art 9
Presentation 9

Overall 9

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, November 02, 2005  
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