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Anime - Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 1
Monday, November 28, 2005

Sugar Sugar Rune - Episode 1

Ah the stereotypical magical anime, its been set in its template ever since the days of Sailor Moon with various twists on it some unique and entertaining, some generic and some bad. Sugar Sugar Rune, (based on the manga of the same name) falls firmly into the generic camp. From the generic opening all the way through to the generic closing this show feels mediocre from head to toe.

Two witches named Chocolat and Vanilla who come from "the magical kingdom" are sent to "the human world" to compete to be the next Queen of the magical kingdom. They do this by collecting hearts of those they make adore them. Meeting up with your stereotypical slightly irritating and camp bishounen "Rocking Robin" he introduces them to the human world. Robin assigns them both "undercover" names so they blend into Japanese society more, the name he picks are the rather hilarious Kato Chocolat and Vanilla Ice. Enrolling the girls in a school as transfer students they set about in the race to collect hearts.

And that is pretty much all that happens in the episode. We are introduced to the "plot twist" that while Chocolat is popular in the magical world her aggressive persona isn't popular with the guys at the school, and Vanilla's quiet personally is instead. Its the exact opposite! *shock*, *horror* , I didn't see that coming my way like a giant predictable plot device. The rest of the cast also make brief and instantly forgettable experiences, including "sinister bishy guy" and "sinister cat" who could quite possibly be the baddies.

Overall things here are instantly forgettable, the jokes aren't funny the cast are more irritating than likeable and the animation is sub par. Yet for some reason the general cheesiness of Sugar Sugar Rune makes me like it a bit more than I should.


posted by Mangaminx On Monday, November 28, 2005  
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