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Anime: Mai Otome - Episode 8
Saturday, November 26, 2005

Episode 8 - Yoke Of Destiny
Otome takes a turn into much darker realms as things begin to get sinister in episode 8.

Episode Contents
In this episode Arika has been charged by Mashiro to find a way of breaking the contract binding them together, unfortunately despite Arika's best efforts this is a tall order. Even enlisting the help of the rather mysterious Miyu (and her bird Alyssa), a friend of Arika who has appeared out of the blue only results in the blue gems binding them being removed from the earring/ring and not the termination of the contract. Miyu enters things rather speedily here and without much explanation as to who she is, how Arika knows her and even her place in the story. Hopefully this will be explained later as it felt a bit off having her jump into the plot with her witches hat and cape.

Arika still doesn't know how to break the contract and has to take desperate measures .Enlisting the help of Nina (who appears to be spying on Arika for her foster-father who suspects the contact exists), Erstin and Irina coupled with Nao's breaking and entering "talents" the girls break into the "forbidden library". Inside the place they find the tombs of many Otome and a databank they cannot get into. For some reason Maria is also wandering the tomb and catches the five girls there. Maria then tells a very dark story that states in times of war, Otome often have to fight their former best friends to help their masters. It's certainly the darkest thing in the plot so far and brings a harsh reality into the story. What's even more disturbing is Nina seems rather over-eager to accept this as her duty, while Arika claims she "won't let wars happen" showing the extreme contrasts in their personalities clearly. Maria then notices Arika's earring dosen;t have a gem in it (after Miyu removed it for her) and then throws a fit of anger. The episode ends on a rather more silly note, with the girls (apart from Nao who is busy reading her "favourite book") cleaning a tower in Otome form as punishment and Arika with a new coral earring. The contract however between her and Mashiro is still intact, and it appears Sergey,Nina,Shizuru and Natsuki all know this contract exists but aren't letting on.

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- Tomoe spys on Shizuru giving Arika a hand with her work in the school library and seems very, very upset about it.
- Nagi meets with a rather sinister looking individual who seems to be the person who turns people into "slaves". However they both are being spied on by another faction. Nagi seems to be firmly being cemented as a bad-guy here.
- The lord of another kingdom is hiring the people who attacked Mashiro's castle in episode 3 ("the descendants of Black Valley" as they seem to be known) to retrieve something for him. Their leader seems to possibly be "Midori" (see screenshot 4)

Lots of dark things going on in the story, left and right here. It looks like the main plot to this series will be a sinister one. Tension being built up all round, and some disturbing revelations.


posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, November 26, 2005  
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