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Anime: Mai Otome - Episode 6
Sunday, November 13, 2005
What every stylish cat is wearing this summer!
Brooms! the key repellant to all tentacled monsters!
Episode 6 - Nina Gets Wound Up

*Gasp* complete filler already? The sixth episode of Mai Otome is here! So what can we expect? More yuri undertones? Shiho's voodoo powers? Nao slaughtering things with razor wire? Tentacles? You betcha!

Episode Content
After a brief introduction where Arika and Nina's constant fighting get them assigned to take care of Nao in return for training. Things are all underway.

It's time for swimming practice at the Otome academy and everyone bar Arika who has never swam before is going for a dip in the pool! Unfortunately Shiho has previously put some small tentacled creatures in the pool that happen to be invisible unless in salt water. Nobody can see them. The creatures brushing against Nina cause our incredibly ticklish (and still angsty) heroine to pass out leaving Arika and Erstein to leap to her aid (Arika temporarily forgetting she can't swim and needing to be rescued too).

Nina furious that she has been shown up in front of her foster-father (who's called to the school) discovers what creatures tickled her and gains Natsuki's permission to put salt in the pool to expose them. Someone however (Tomoe? Nao? Somebody else?) has swapped the salt with sugar which makes the creatures grow to huge tentacley proportions and Erstein, Irina, Arika, Nina and Shiho are soon in major trouble. Nao however seemingly knowing what's going on or hearing their screams "materializes" into her robe and proceeds to slaughter the creature with barbed wire that grows from her ever evil fingernails. Nao saves the day! Hooray for Nao!

Other Episode Highlights / Key Points
- *gasp* Erstein has a crush on Nina, which leads you to believe she was perhaps a bit to eager to do CPR!
- Nao and Nina were both recruited by Sergey to be Otome.
- Mashiro is on call to gloat at Arika's attempts at swimming early on, and Mikoto is rather hilarious in her cat pool get-up.
- Shiho's hair while she's doing voodoo is possibly the funniest thing in the series so far.
- The fact Nao has so many marks against her in Shiho's book of enemies.
- Nao is just the optimum of cool here.
- Nina is shown to be softening to Arika at the end of the episode as Arika falls asleep while writing her "Daddy Long Legs" style letters to her benefactor and Nina puts a blanket around her.

So overall a fun episode but certainly not important to the plot or really character development. It's Nao's turn to look incredibly cool after Shizuru and Haruka shone in previous episodes and its the rest of the cast turn to be chased and grabbed by tentacles. Nothing special but amusing and fun. Weakest episode so far.


Say Pretty please, and MAYBE I'll free you
Nao's hard-work in the sewing championships finally paid off
posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, November 13, 2005  
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