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Anime: Mai Otome - Episode 5
Sunday, November 06, 2005
Ah, the sweet smell of yuri!
Nina takes out her 'emoness' on a tree
Episode 5 - The School, The Uniform and Me

*shock* *horror* Arika has had her uniform sold to an Otome fan shop! Did she do it? Could she be expelled if she did? It's time for Arika's new found friends to get on the case and prove her innocent. With a little help from the "Queen Of Emo" in the background.

Despite the comic sounding premise, this is certainly the darkest episode of the series so far, and while I feel Shizuru deprived that she hasn't been in this or the previous episode very much, there is enough of some of my other favourite cast members to win me over.

Erstein and Irina, who are possibly just as annoying as Arika take it upon themselves to help her find out how her uniform ended up in the Otome fan-shop. This involves enlisting further help from Akane and Chie to give them permission to leave school and help with information. Meanwhile not wanting to be seen as helping her Nina conducts her own line of questioning by asking Nao about various events round the bars of the town, and comes to her own conclusions without telling Arika. Regardless of the conclusion that Arika,Erstein and Irina reach it is evident that Arika has a enemy in the school, and its certainly the last person I suspected. Arika also has a mysterious benefactor pay for her fees who it seems likely is Sergey, but it's not clear if my supposition is true yet.

Other fun content this episode:
- Mashiro and Shiho's hilarious expressions of disgust at Arika proving herself innocent.

- Chie and Aoi exchanging a knowing wink *gasp*, how unexpected more yuri undertones.

- The Otome fan-shop being hilariously like specialist anime/manga stores to some extent. And Nagi's rather amusing interest in it.

- Nao's, "evil fingernails"


Nao is EVILLLLLL, well .. maybe. We don't know just yet!
What do you mean brattiness is now a criminal offence!?
posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, November 06, 2005  
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