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Anime: Glass Mask - Episode 7
Monday, November 28, 2005

Episode 7 - Mr Purple Rose

Maya quickly pushes her rivals aside in her quest to play Beth in the premier performance at Tsukikage's theatre. However drama begins to unfold more and more as Tsukikage is unimpressed with Maya's acting in a scene when Beth is near death, even resulting in Tsukikage dramatically striking Maya. Things go from bad to worse when Maya also learns that Sakurakoji's family think it is inappropriate that the two of them date. This long string of events result in Maya sitting on a swing in a park in the pouring rain the day before the play is to be shown, and as a result she has a 40 degree fever for the performance!

Maya of course performs despite her fever (with the villains of the series, aswell as Maya's rival watching on) and because of having the fever she delivers a wonderful performance on Beth's sickbed. With the entire second half of the episode being the play it's amazing just how enthralling it is to watch the obviously very unwell Maya perform. Despite being unwell, dropping a milk carton and having an enraged Tsukikage throw water over her, Maya covers everything well not letting on the extent of her sickness to the audience. Tsukikage is very hostile overall in this episode giving her an even more obsessive and sinister air.
The press, sabotaged by the villains appear to be giving the play bad reviews however, despite its excellence. Although one of the villains seems to feel guilty for what he's doing, sending Maya a bouquet of purple roses after the performance "from a fan". He is evidently thoroughly impressed by her performance.

Overall this is perhaps the best episode of the series so far. Plenty of over the top drama, great character development and moving performances. Highly recommended.


posted by Mangaminx On Monday, November 28, 2005  
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