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Anime: Blood+ - Episode 6
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Episode 6 - Father's Hand
Blood, blood and more blood. Blood+ certainly lives up to its title here as the claret in episode 6 flows perhaps the most freely I've seen for a good while. Not for the weak of stomach!

Episode Contents
Deep in the research facility, Saya, Hagi and David wander looking for George Saya's foster father. Unfortunately for them many, many Chiropteras' lurks in the depths of the facility too and to cap it all they discover the facility is being used to turn humans into the creatures. Cue excessive amounts of violence and gore as the trio fight their way through the monsters. We see Saya here struggling to use the sword, as she still hasn't fully awoken and to be honest she is fairly useless for most of the episode. To be fair until recently she thought herself to be "normal" so I can't blame her for being a mess at the ensuing violence around her.

Upon finding George, it is revealed that he has a special formula used on him that will eventually make him like a monster. However seeing as at the present moment he is still human they take their chances and decide to leave with him. All the while battling. Whilst all this is going on the US army (who conducted the experiments) has made the call to bomb the facility and Kai is rushing on his bike to get there and warn the three as the army have jammed all phonelines into the area. Its actually nice to see Kai be something other than useless here as thus far his performance has varied from "inept" to "really inept". Kai gets into the facility in time to find George critically injured and turning into a monster. There is a tearful moment here where Saya and Kai crouch over their father and Saya mixes her blood with his corrupted blood in order to kill him before he loses his humanity (as Saya's blood turns the Chiroptera's into stone). It's actually a very moving moment, and was well done sealing the deal as this in being the best episode in the series for me. Finally the episode ends with an enraged Saya doing her "scary eye-glow" thing and hacking the monsters to death as Kai,David,Hagi and herself escape the facility leaving George's corpse behind *sobs*.

A great episode, major plot developments all round, plenty of screen-time for most of the cast, the best action so far and a moving death scene.


posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, November 15, 2005  
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