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Anime: Blood+ - Episode 5
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
*sighs* Yes...I did say anchovies!
Kai, one boy taking on the world! Incidently, he loses!
Episode 5 - Beyond The Dark Forest

The slowest episode of Blood+ action wise so far has actually become one of the most exciting purely as of the heaps of tension and mystery surrounding it. David and his legion of top mysterious undercover types help track down Saya's father at some kind of nature research facility. Enlisting the help of Haji and Saya (who seems to have excepted the fact she can slaughter monsters in her stride *boggle*) they head to the said place. Unfortunately at the same time the sleazy evil looking type guy orders the place returned to its "natural state".

The majority of the episode is filled with planning the mission to the facility over everything else. Kai gets annoyed that he isn't included in the team to go and it takes David to "convince" (read: kick the crap out of him) him not to push to go with them.

Behind all this planning there's also a lot of mystery brooding, such as what is happening at the facility? Why do they want Saya's stepfather? And of course What happened to Saya in Vietnam that made her go on a killing spree all those years ago..? Its all these unanswered questions that make this episode dark and forboding compared to the others giving the series a real horror atmosphere for the first time. What terrors awake Saya and Co. inside the facility!?


Saya is a little surprised at the lack of corpses in Saji's coffin
Sleazeball with a capital S
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, November 08, 2005  
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