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Anime: Appleseed (CG Version)
Thursday, November 03, 2005
Title: Appleseed
Age Rating: 12+
Company: Optimum Asia
Genre: Action
Running Time: 105 mins approx
DVD Region 2

"Humankind has had its chance"

Well better get back to raiding tombs...., I mean killing cyborgs.
From the moment Appleseed opens you know what this film is going to be about. The opening sequence, which see's our heroine (and part time Lara Croft impersonator) Deunan battling some enemies is one of the most visually compelling and detailed scenes I have ever witnessed in an animated feature. However the sheer detail of the world Deunan lives in and the sheer flashiness of the effects could easily be all the film is about, going for total style over substance. Is this the case? Read on to find out!

Briareos goes a bit overboard over a parking ticketDeunan finds herself out in a wasteland fighting a war seemingly by herself, when all of a sudden she is abducted by a group of soldiers a mysterious cyborg like creature named Briareos (cruel parents), and a young woman named Hitomi. Deunan's world is turned upsidedown when it is revealed not all the planet is at war and a city called Olympus has been created that lives in harmony as a Utopia. To cap it all off the cyborg Briareos turns out to be her former lover from the war with his soul inside a metal shell after his body was rendered useless in battle. Quite a lot for one person to take in, in a day but Deunan takes it all in her stride and finds she has been brought here to work for a security force in the city and she can now live relatively normally. Hitomi explains to her that half of the city are of a artificially created species called Bioroids and half are human, and the whole city is monitered by a big computer called Gaia who makes the decisions to ensure harmony between the two species. Unlike humans Bioroids do not feel all emotions (such as love) and are far less volatile. Bioroids at the present time cannot reproduce and instead have their lives extended artificially like a battery recharge. Hitomi reveals herself to be a Bioroid (all this inbetween complimenting Deunan on here appearance every five minutes! Seriously, she seems obsessed with her!) On top of all this Bioroids are linked to Deunan as her father's DNA is in all of them and her mother worked on creating the species.

So Deunan, whats sex like? By the way did I mention how stunningly beautiful your eyes are?
Of course this "utopia" is soon disturbed as political intrigue relating to hostility from humans to Bioroids sweeps the city and peace is shattered. Cue lots of flash action sequences involving Deunan and Briareos battling enemies in the city. Action is always slick and beautifully animated and timed. Deunan leaps around saving the day in stunningly detailed settings that make everything seem more realistic. In fact the CG makes things look perfect and adds to the adrenaline pumping action. Character development is mainly kept to a minimum for most of the plot, favouring complex technical dialogue and flash fight sequences over making you feel for the cast. However there are a few moments when some character development is shown. Certain parts of the film were quite emotional to watch and while the revelations between characters seemed suddenly flung at you rather than receiving any real development they were good enough to be moving. The plot itself is rather predictable and centres around some data known as "Appleseed" that will give Bioroids reproductive powers. There were moments in the story where I felt bored, but this is thankfully saved by the drama and action. The cast while not really developed enough to be entirely interesting are a likeable enough bunch. Deunan and Briareos work well a team and some of the other characters such as Hitomi and Athena (a Bioroid who commands the squad Deunan fights in) were likeable despite their general lack of screentime.

Quick you have to get up before the tide comes in and you rust! As I said above the animation quality here is stunning, perhaps the best I have ever seen in CG. Sound wise you have the English and Japanese with subtitles tracks (I watched the fairly average sub) and varying audio options. The DVD extras include a variety of things from featurettes to commentaries if you are interested in the making of the film. The disc itself (or at least the copy I have) is a 2 disc edition in a standard case (although slightly different packaging from the tin edition pictured above) with Deunan and Briareos on both the front and back covers in different poses. The reverse of the cover has ugly Optimum Asia advertising and a booklet is inserted inside with more adverts. One DVD has Deunan on the cover and the other has Briareos.Over all fairly good quality.

At ease soldier, you can pull your hand out your ear

Overall Scores

Contents: 7/10
It's good, but still lacking in a few departments.

Animation: 9.5/10
The best CG I have seen.

Audio: 7/10
Decent enough subtitle track (bare in mind I have not heard the dub).

Extras: 7.5/10
Plenty to for those interested in whats on offer

Packaging: 7/10
It's ok for this non-tin edition. But a bit dull overall.
posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, November 03, 2005  
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