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Manga: Lament Of The Lamb 3
Monday, October 31, 2005
Title: Lament Of The Lamb 3
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Tokyopop
Author: Kei Toume
Age Rating: 16+

Kazuna in an attempt to resist biting his freind Yaegashi (who obviously loves him dearly) lets the hunger consume him till he passes out and has to go to hospital. His aunt and uncle are quickly summoned to his side, and fortunately the doctor is Minase (who supplies Chizuna with a serum to beat the blood cravings and who is also in love with her) so he does not tell them what Kazuna is suffering from. Things come to a head here as Chizuna herself turns up at the hospital and reveals she has made contact with her brother to his horrified foster-parents. Insisting he doesn't have the disease but she does however in order to maintain the secrecy that Kazuna is suffering badly. She also reveals to them that he is moving in with her, causing much sadness. The story progresses quickly here with Kazuna saying his tearful goodbyes to his aunt the next day before moving in with his sister. Of course things begin to develop increasingly disturbingly when it actually dawns on him how scarily dependent his sister has maniuplatively made him dependent on her. A violent clash between them however is soon reconciled as Chizuna uses her manipulative skills to persuade him that he's imagining things, and that he really wants to be around her despite his reservations.

The relationship between the pair gets darker and darker here. Chizuna seems to alternate between seemingly caring and affectionate to downright creepy and weird. "I've killed before, dear brother and I will kill again" she states almost proudly to him at one point, smirking. Kazuna is evidently becoming suspicious of why he feels so strongly for her but is to scared of harming others or giving up his growing addiction for her blood to leave. Chizuna is pretty much using Kazuna as a substitute for their dead father, she even convinces him to wear some of their fathers clothes, turning on the waterworks when Kazuna questions her motives. The incestuous vibes are still heavily there in subject to with a few lines sending off alarm bells of what perhaps is to come. On top of this twisted relationship between them there is also the dark cloud of the two of them having increasingly violent dreams where they revel in the death and slaughter of all but them.

Content: 8 (Perhaps a bit to slow moving)
Art: 9
Presentation: 9
Overall: 9
posted by Mangaminx On Monday, October 31, 2005  
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