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Manga: Lament Of The Lamb 1
Saturday, October 29, 2005
Title: Lament Of The Lambs
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Tokyopop
Author: Kei Toume
Age Rating: 16+

Kazuna Takashiro lives with his uncle and aunt with only vague memories of his past. He remembers a older sister he was kept separate from and not aloud to spend time with. His mother looking depressed, and soon after his father sending him away and his mother dying. He feels like his father abandoned him. But as these images begin to haunt his mind more and more, and the site of the blood of a school friend causes him to feel so strange and gives him visions of the past, he decides to seek out his family. He meets his sister Chizuna face to face for the first time after and soon the nightmare reality becomes clear. Both he and Chizuna have a blood disease that will drive them to become bloodthirsty predators, eventually drive them to death and insanity. They are accursed vampires.

Kazuna and Chizuna are certainly two interesting leads. Kazuna rather quiet and shy unable to express his feelings to a girl he likes at school he evidently returns those feelings. He is also a very confused and lost person, before finally meeting his sister in particular he feels he never really fits in with his kind guardians. It's interesting to see this change almost overnight after meeting his sister for the first time. Correct me if I'm wrong but dreaming about being curled up to your sister at night is certainly abnormal behavior. Incestuous tones seem to creep into the story from an early standpoint.

Chizuna is slightly different to Kazuna, she looks and talks rather predatory and in a "matter of fact" way about what the two of them are. She is very distanced from others at her school and is strong willed and independent (their father and mother are now both dead so she has been living alone). Chizuna evidently has quite the taste for blood already and is doing her best to control it deep down, but has given in, in the past. Well aware of her brothers growing obsession with her, she actually encourages it, offering him her blood at the end of the volume "You want to be with me, you belong to me".

Reading volume 1 feels almost like watching a dramatic train wreck just waiting to happen. It's clear that Kazuna and Chizuna have demons buried deep inside them that will eventually surface. Kazuna is evidently very worried about this already and has visions of hurting those he cares about. Although Chizuna seems far more adjusted to the idea (presumably as she's known since she has been born) and while she is wrestling the urges. She seems to feel her fate is a "matter of fact".

Artwork in the series is stunning, very detailed and with well drawn unique looking characters. Kazuna looks pretty much like all his schoolfreinds at least to begin with. But a slight madness begins to creep into his eyes from when he meets his sister, well portrayed in the art. Chizuna herself has a very otherworldly look to her, certainly vampiric and predatory. She stands out a mile at school, and certainly fits in with the more traditional Japanese surroundings of her home. The look of the characters fits in with the dark brooding tones lurking in the series background. The volume itself is excellent quality from Tokyopop, clear print and art.

Content: 9
Artwork: 9
Presentation: 9
Overall: 9

Volume 2 review will follow soon!
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, October 29, 2005  
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