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Anime: Solty Rei - Episode 1
Monday, October 24, 2005

Episode 1 - The Town Where The Aurora Falls

Well, here is the appearance of one of GONZO's latest shows, Solty Rei. Welcome to a city! A city of skyscrapers, cyborgs, mechs but all mixed in with a sort of 1920's Chicago feel. Mixing old style with futuristic is by no means a new concept, but there's enough shows out there that manage to carry it of with panache and flair. Solty Rei isn't one of them.

Meet Roy. Roy's a badass maverick mercenary. He's about the same as every other badass maverick mercenary in anime, except he's significantly more dull than most. His daughter was killed, so now he is an fairly old, lonely and miserable guy who gets his jollies shooting people with prices on their head and mechanical body parts.

Meet Solty. Solty is a android. She looks about ten, and has green hair that moves in relation to her mood. She's meant to be endearing. She isn't. Solty and Roy cross paths when Solty plummets from the sky and saves Roy's life. After following him around for a few hours all puppy dog eyed and whining in an intensely irritating voice (and saving Roy from a robot that looks exactly the same as a mech in Burst Angel). Roys heart melts. Awww, how sweet it looks like Roy's found a new daughter. *vomits*. Now he has to protect her from the team of Bubblegum Crisis rejects on her trail!

That's all that happens in episode 1, its dull, the characters are irritating, its cliched and lacks any of the explosive energy found in other action oriented GONZO titles. It's quite frankly the worst first episode I have seen in a while. It's redeeming features? Well I thought the bounty hunters after Solty were quite cool (assuming thats what they are), the fights are slickly animated if a little dull. If only it had a more likeable cast it could have been a lot better. The plot of this episode reads like some crappy Christmas story.

Episode Score: 4/10

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, October 24, 2005  
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