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Anime: Mai-Otome/Zhime - Episode 1
Sunday, October 09, 2005

So here we go, a new anime season all clean and shiney, sparkly and new, and hopefully full of lots of new anime that I'll like! Hooray! First up is the first episode in the latest addition to the Mai-Hime universe creatively titled Mai-Zhime (must have taken them a while to come up with that, and yes I know its the kanji for Otome :P).

The episode starts with a flashback with a castle being attacked, and a girl smuggling a baby away into the sewers to avoid the attacks. A medallion around it's neck. Quick introduction and cheesy J-pop intro (which I must admit I liked) later it is now 14 years in the future. The castle seems fully intact and the bustling city is around it, with an odd kinda steampunk feel to it. It appears a parade where the public will see the princess of the castle is being planned, and it's also made clear that the elite guard of the castle are a group of women called "Otome" who protect the land.

Now it's time to meet the cast! First up we have Arika, a girl who drags herself into the city from the desert, with dreams of becoming an Otome (in order to find her long lost mother, this actually seems to be an unfortunate habit in anime), she's bouncy and slightly annoying. Then we have Nina, an Otome whom when Arika arrives in the city she literally knocks over, then attaches herself too. We are also introduced to Shizuru and Natsuki who appear to run the training academy for Otome.

Nina haplessly has Arika follow her around the city being generally irritating and embarrassing and asking lots of questions for a large part of this episode. Things heat up however when both of them rush to the aid of a grey haired girl being chased by armed guards. Cue lots of action sequences cumulating in a huge mecha (who shoots flames out of rather phallic shaped tube near it's crotch) trying to grab the grey haired girl (who turns out to be the princess) and magical girl style transformation sequences as Nina, Shizuru and another girl named Akane use their Otome powers to protect the princess. The otome also take an immediate interest in a rather strange medallion that Arika has, that seems to give her special powers...

Overall, a great first episode with lots of good (if occasionally annoying) characters. Fantastically animated sequences and the utterly amazing (I have sadly already become a fangirl) Shizuru. The show feels very much "magical girl with a futuristic spin" right now and I must say I love that. Role in Episode 2.

Episode Score: 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, October 09, 2005  
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