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Anime: Mai-Otome - Episode 4
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Hooray, now I have an entire school to annoy! Go me!
Episode 4 - Flaming Transfer Student

*gasp* The Mai-Otome episode that has sparked controversy net-wide as of its rather pointless plot device! What will I make of it? Read on to find out! Oh the horror!

Taking up from where we left off last episode, Arika amazes the crowd by holding up the spaceship thing that's about to fall on them. Rather worryingly after a shot while this causes her "robe" to crumble so she gets weaker and weaker! Fortunately for her, one of the more powerful Otome from another country (and Shizuru's rival) flys to her aid! Its time to meet Haruka, who I must admit is pretty cool, and one of my favorite characters now!

Of course both Nina and Arika are predictably *yawn* let into the school, Nina for winning the battle and Arika for holding up the ship! Yay! One big happy family, or it would be if Nina wasn't so miserable all the time. Her expressions this episode vary from depressed to clinically depressed as she sulks about everything (and just in case you didn't get it by now the fact she has a father complex is reinforced AGAIN). She's certainly "special". Arika is of course elated to get into the school in her usual super bouncy ditzy kind of way. She doesn't seem phased by the "shocking" revelation (yes its the one that's caused the controversy folks!) that Otome cannot have a relationship with the opposite sex because, a certain type of "male protein" (Oh dear *rolls eyes*), damages their powers. So the Otome are forced to give up their powers or remain alone and celibate if they are interested in guys. Now its a bit of a pointless plot device, but certainly not as big deal as people make it out to be. That's all I have to say on the matter as the hordes of arguments and things roaming the net related to it are wearing on me a bit.

Back to the plot!, well Arika seems to fit in well at the school making new friends, and impressing Akane enough to receive her support. Oh and once again in case nobody got the message that Chie is gay that's reinforced in a bath-house scene somewhat. Nao appears to be sneaking out at the school late at night, so if she loses her powers everyone will know what she's been up to. Nao is only in the episode briefly but her personality is taking on a rather sinister air due to some comments about Arika.

Overall this episode is pretty good, the plots building up entertainingly if predictably. Most of the cast get a look in here so its nice to see a good balance of screentime for everyone. I shall mark it down a little for a plot device that is so pointless it's inclusion makes me laugh a little, and its not as thrilling as the previous episode. Still it is a lot of fun, more Haruka would certainly be good, her rather aggressive headstrong personality is entertaining to see! Roll on episode 5.

Overall Episode Score: 7.5/10

Strategically placed foam and steam frequent most bathouses and hot springs

Nao: Ah Nina isn't the moon beautiful tonight? Nina:LEAVE ME ALONE IM BROODING!

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, October 30, 2005  
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