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Anime: Mai-Otome - Episode 3
Saturday, October 22, 2005

Episode 3 - First Experience

*fangirl mode on* I have to say that this was the BEST episode of the new anime season so far. I loved pretty much every moment of events here as Arika and Nina do battle at Mashiro's coronation, and Shizuru takes on a masked villain breaking into the palace. A fair amount of character development and thoughtful scenes blend into the action to, making this episode all the better.

It is made evident by now that the ever bratty Mashiro isn't the real princess (Nagi reinforces this point in a conversation with Major Wong) and Arika is. This will of course cause a lot of ripples in the plot once its made clear presumably near the end of the show. You'd have to be blind not to see it! Evidently a few of the cast (particularly Nina and her foster father) have realized this by now and are brooding over it in background. It's an obvious plot device but done cleverly enough so the viewer and half the cast realize, but the other half of the cast do not.

Nina gets some more development here showing more of her evident father complex. Even if he is just her foster-father it's still a little strange to see her getting jealous about pictures of Major Wong as a younger man with another woman (presumably Arika's mother).

On the yuri-toned front of things, they are evidently back as usual with Shizuru seeming to do her best to get Natsuki jealous. Shizuru is without out a doubt the best character in the cast, and she gets almost as much screentime as the leads this episode making it even better. Natsuki's expressions when she's jealous are hilarious too.

Finally the battle are as spectacular as ever with Nina and Arika's battle full of shiney magical effects spectacularly animated moves and some thrilling moments. Arika (presumably taught to fight by her Grandma) is certainly adept enough to give the powerful Nina a tough battle. Shizuru is also fighting here with her usual heir of laid back elegance as she battles an intruder. I LOVE her whip sword thing, it's a suitable weapon for one of my favorite characters for a long while.

Anyway that's for too much fangirl ranting for just one episode. So overall score..? *fangirl mode off*

Episode Score: 8.5./10

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, October 22, 2005  
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