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Anime: Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 1
Friday, October 14, 2005

There is a website where you can go if you seek revenge on someone. You input their name and you shall soon be visited by the Jigoku Shoujo. The Hell Girl. She will send the ones you wish to destroy to Hell, however there is a cost. You shall be forever branded with the mark of Hell and be sent there yourself when you eventually die. Only the most desperate need apply.

Episode 1 of Jigoku Shoujo follows one such desperate girl. Mayumi is being bullied at school. Her life is a living nightmare as three students set about destroying her hopes, dreams and future. Mayumi is a quiet girl so she herself cannot fight back. But that is when she hears the rumour of the website. A few more miserable days later, Mayumi decides to take her revenge, and the Hell Girl and her friends are only to happy to oblige.

Yup, it sounds like a plot from a teen-horror movie and to be honest to some extent it is, however Jigoku Shoujo is actually my favorite show of the new season so far and is a shining example of how to do horror well. The soundtrack is eerie, the character designs and general look of the show give a rather strange and un-earthly feel to the series. It reminds me of Boogiepop Phantom in the way events play out and feel. The horror itself manages to be gripping without going for the total splatter levels of Blood+ and other horror titles. The displays of psychological torment and revenge portrayed here gripped me and sucked me into the rather warped world. What at first glance could easily be a teen horror movie, has a much darker undercurrent running through. I cannot wait for another tale of revenge, next episode.

Episode Score: 8.5/10

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, October 14, 2005  
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