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Anime: The Devil Lady - Part 5
Friday, October 07, 2005
Episode 18

Jun is now Asuka's prisoner deep in the armored compound. With the rest of the organization suspecting Asuka has some rather dark motives she is keeping to herself tensions are high. Jun herself sneaks off into the compound underground to see what dark secrets it holds, only to find herself in perhaps the darkest battle she has faced so far. It appears even those who appeared to be her friends can't maintain their human gene.

Without spoiling the exact contents of this episode fully, I shall just say this has perhaps all fans of the "Devilman" franchise want to see. Things start to get very ugly here in general with the beast threat simply spiraling out of control in the city and Asuka's evidently dark motives for keeping Jun rearing their head.

Episode Score 9/10

Episode 19

Beasts are springing up left and right and in a desperate last ditch effort to save her Jun's friends are trying to find her, but so are the military. Jun looks so fragile here as she wanders the streets. Meanwhile, Kasumi finds herself moving in with a bunch of half-beast girls her own age in the sewers, as she has no place left to go. The full power of the organized beast movement rears it's head here, and Jun is forced to reveal her secret to everyone in order to save someone for a friend.

Total carnage is best to describe how events are panning out here. Things are going wrong left and right and there really isn't anything that can be done. This episode begins to paint a feeling of hopelessness as things start to resemble X-men. You have the half-human cast like Jun herself, the demons with no human souls and the humans themselves. In what appears is going to be a brutal conflict.

Episode Score 8.5/10

Episode 20

Jun's world spirals into a nightmare as the true power of the full beast creatures is revealed too her, and it isn't pleasant. To make matters worse Asuka takes advantage of a weak and fleeing Jun and uses the opportunity to recapture her. By this point Jun does however only seem fixated on one thing, to find Kasumi (who is still hiding in the sewers with her new friends). This episode could also be the "Asuka's Past" episode and contains some rather unusual revelations about her... , and her plans. The origins of the beast gene are revealed.

Episode Score 9/10

Episode 21

So much happens here and its so violent and horrific its hard to explain in much detail without spoiling it. However Asuka's plan is finally revealed and a full scale war between mankind and beasts is erupting. Who will be victorious? Jun is said to be the saviour of the "Devilmen",but she is rather preoccupied with someone else amongst the carnage.

Episode Score 9.5/10
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, October 07, 2005  
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