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Anime: The Devil Lady - Part 4
Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Episode 14


Major plot developments come into play now (which I shall try not to spoil the majority of), as the reporter makes his move and we see the motives he has for trying to expose Jun. However, both he and she soon realize the trouble they are in when the true leader of all the beasts shows himself (and yes we have met him several times before). Both Jun and Jason have their work cut out here battling beasts around the city, Jun more so because eight or so against one really isn't fair...

A touching episode all round this, the flashbacks in particular are very gritty and rather "old school anime" in their presentation. But all the better for it. I was on the edge of my seat here as the main story appears to be taking shape.
Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 15

After watching this episode I defy you to look at birds in the same way again. To be fair this episode had quite a great deal in common with an episode of "Vampire Princess Miyu TV", I'm not entirely sure what the Japanese obsession with birds as evil creatures is. However, what we have here is more gripping plot as the beasts become more organized and much more dangerous. It is quite clear that the leader of beasts has decided it's time Jun never had any normal life again and the first target to stop her having one, is of course Kasumi.

This is probably the best "horror" episode so far with some incredibly grisly death scenes for unimportant characters and some of the most disturbing beast designs in the series make their appearance. It's also crunch time for Kasumi and Jun as Jun discovers keeping her identity secret is not so easy. Some incredibly OTT and dramatic acting, mixed in with excellent character development and moving acting. If you weren't hooked by this point,this should seal the deal.
Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 16

Just after I thought the previous episode couldn't be topped this one comes along. After previous events Jun is an emotional wreck and with the biggest beast so far on the rampage in downtown Tokyo for all to see things are getting out of hand and she is needed. However, the head of beasts provides a distraction to keep Jun occupied. But regardless of which a battle that would not be out of place in a Godzilla film is now looming on the horizon.

Major character development here for Jun in particular, and with the head of the enemies goading her more and more into being violent things seem to be getting worse for her. There's too much here to actually go into details with and spoil, but it's the best episode so far.
Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 17

Jun's mental state continues to deteriorate here to the point she is "caged" via Asuka's orders. This episode feels very much darker than all the rest, as the beast threat is spiraling out on control with just the military keeping it in line as best as possible. Jun herself takes rather desperate measures, only to find even when angered something about Asuka brings her back to "obedience". Some key revelations are evidently on the horizon. It's so nerve racking *bites nails*.

Psycho Jun ;) , first time we really see Jun go to pieces in this episode (if you thought she was in some episodes, you've seen nothing yet). Again this episode improves over all others so far. Asuka is especially good and in menacing snake like form here like she has something truly special up her sleeve, that only she knows about.
Episode Score: 9.5/10

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, October 05, 2005  
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