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Anime: The Devil Lady - Part 3
Sunday, October 02, 2005

Episode 10

A rather saddening episode in this, as a beast gene develops far to quickly in a four year old girl who likes to play with fire. The result of course has devastating effects on both herself, her family and all of those in her apartment complex.

Jun has to battle her own morality when sent to eliminate the girl, as she doesn't want to hurt a child and wants to bring her back to humanity. A rather unusual and moving end to this episode. But for the most part this is just filler.

Elsewhere in the story it becomes clear that more than a few people are suspecting beasts exist and a few are taking an interest in Jun herself. While its only minor plot development for now, it gives you a sense of foreboding about what may occur in the background.
Episode Score 7.5/10

Episode 11

Its Christmas Eve, and despite that Jun and Asuka go into a department store where several people have gone missing to eliminate a beast. The creature turns out to be rather defensive and is a chameleon, with a rather tragic human past. One that makes Jun take pity on the beast as she dislikes her demon form too, however Asuka isn't exactly a fan of pity.

A fair bit of character development here as Jun seems to be getting less and less aggressive in her demon form. Asuka is evidently notices this and threatens to kill her at one point unless she admits her demon side is the real side of her, and the human just something extra. Asuka comes across as very aggressive in this episode, showing how much more confident she is than Jun even when Jun is in demonic form. Meanwhile Kasumi is starting to really suspect some things, and is continuing correspondence with the private reporter who is tailing Jun. Kasumi really doesn't know if she can trust her friend or not, and Jun seems concerned she is hurting her adopted younger sister.
Episode Score: 8/10

Episode 12

Jun is suffering the mental wear of being a Devilman in real life, and is having twisted dreams even when awake of a world ruled by her kind. Desperately trying to cling to her humanity it doesn't help when Jason turns up lecturing her on their superiority to other humans. Jun takes a violent dislike to him after this lecture, but with Asuka on business in America, both she and he hunt down a demon who likes to collect peoples faces...

Great episode here, with some horrific scenes and a good chase sequences as Jun hunts her prey. We also have the first real development for Jason as a character as he tries to goad her into becoming more impressed with herself, painting more of an image of what he is like. He also has a very obvious interest in Jun.
Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 13

Jason's words seem to be having a major effect on Jun as she seems more assertive in her human form in this episode, as well as more aggressive when transformed. This episode is certainly a great example of horror, with a monster and storyline that is very dark.

After many disappearances in the mountains Jun and Asuka head to investigate, Jun meets a beast that is half human and half beast literally and both sides are opposed to the other. A total split personality. Jun almost kills a human in this episode who you really feel she thinks should die, but another creature saves her the trouble. Its the most menacing we have seen Jun since episode 3 and considering how meek she has been even as a demon in previous episodes it feels like a major change.

The plot begins to shape itself more in the background here too as the reporter begins to bug Jun's fashion agency and produce pictures of her with the military he has taken. Arousing lots of suspicions, particularly for Jun who notices the same man talking to both Kasumi and her boss.
Episode Score 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, October 02, 2005  
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