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Anime: The Devil Lady - Part 2
Sunday, October 02, 2005

Episode 6

Jun can really pick them. Only one episode ago she was fending off a killer shark girl who was obsessed with her, so the producers evidently thought a catgirl was the next obvious choice, a mutated catgirl none the less.

Jun makes close friends with a woman who has an obvious attraction to her and showers her with gifts. Asuka warns her that the reason the two of them are so drawn to each other is that she has a recessive beast gene that has yet to show itself. Jun ignores Asuka, and goes to meet the woman at her house. Unfortunately for Jun the woman (who is also a model), turns out to be obsessed with Jun on a "scary photos of her changing hidden in the house" scale, but also hates her for taking a modeling job she wanted. She proclaims she both loves her and hates her in the same breath. Leading to a rather dark chain of events..

A fairly basic episode here, with a bit of character development for Asuka showing a lot more concern for Jun than she thinks she should be. Admitting to herself "this isn't like me" , as she attempts to help Jun. Still entertaining though and a fight scene that is ridiculously over the top and lasts a long while.
Episode Score: 8/10

Episode 7

It's flashback time as we get glimpses of Jun's childhood in this episode to a moment she thought she saw "The Grim Reaper" when she was younger. The beast in this episode wields a huge scythe like claw, which triggers fears for Jun. She has a hard time battling it as she and Asuka pursue it through the fog laden streets of Tokyo.

Also important here is the fact that Asuka's troops (that accompany she and Jun everywhere) have a hard time keeping this one under wraps and for the first time. The size of the battle and destruction means that their are witnesses for the first time, and rumors begin to circulate.

Jun comes across as a lot more human when in her demonic form as the episodes progress, like she has more control. She taunts the beasts when winning and looks very human and scared while injured at times. Asuka evidently dislikes this as she consistently criticizes her for being weak.
Episode Score: 8/10

Episode 8

It becomes clear that one of the main things Asuka fears about the beast gene made public knowledge is that those with a recessive one like Jun will know of their forms and use them. When a beast tries to get on TV its clear they must prevent it.

A knew character we meet here is Jason Bates who has a rather dark secret that isn't revealed till the end of the episode. He's certainly an unusual man, and gives Jun some things to think on about learning to accept and embrace who she is.
Episode Score: 7/10

Episode 9

Jun's world descends into paranoia here as she has the feeling she's being watched all the time. Asuka puts it down to her own insecurities about how she looks as a demon, but Jun seems convinced eyes are watching her. When a chain of grisly murders start where young women's eyes are removed however things begin to fit into place.

Also in this episode its made clear that an undercover reporter is onto Jun, as he approaches Kasumi for information. This makes Kasumi herself paranoid as the reporter, though he doesn't go into details tells her to watch for Jun acting strangely. The main background plot is evidently building here as Kasumi begins to suspect perhaps a link between Jun and what happened to her in episode 3.
Episode Score: 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, October 02, 2005  
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