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Anime: Blood+ - Episode 4
Monday, October 31, 2005
Speak up! I can't hear you over every other sound in the city!
No, No, No Look the other way! The OTHER way!
Episode 4 - Dangerous Boy (Heh)

Kei's mad. He's really mad. His fathers been injured and taken to hospital! So doing what all non-level headed people would in the situation, Kei gets a gun and decides to hunt down the person who's injured his foster-father. Obviously taking into consideration the person is turning into a hideous monster skipped his minute brain.

Saya is forced to rush after him of course, spending a lot of the episode aimlessly running about. Until of course she meets up with her ever mysterious bishy guy with a claw for his hand. Fortunately this time round he isn't so ambiguous introducing himself as Hagi, her humble servant. Saya seems to respond much better to him than in previous situations and its time for her to fight to save her inept foster-brother! Yay a fight! So far the fights in the show have been far to brief for their own good, but here we have just what I have been waiting for.

Lots of fast paced action, and Hagi and Saya working as a team in the Larva/Miyu way I had hoped they would actually happened! The battle is slick, and uses just the right amount of levels of action and gore for a small fight. Finally Blood+ feels it has thrilling action to match it's plot!

On the general story front the episode builds up a lot of even darker tones in the background as the ever dodgy looking government types have an interest in Saya's injured foster-father. We also see Saya's acute senses developing as she hears things from a great distance. The plot certainly reveals itself as clevery as ever, and mixed with good action for the first time makes this the best episode so far!

Episode Score: 8/10

The friendly wrestling match quickly got over-competative
Remember kids, running with scisscors can lead to the same thing!
posted by Mangaminx On Monday, October 31, 2005  
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