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Anime: Blood+ - Episode 1
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blood+ is the next anime on my review agenda here, and it certainly starts horrifically. In what appears to be the Vietnam war with have a girl with red eyes and a massive katana slaughtering soldiers, villagers, even a baby as bloodily as possible in a dance of carnage. It was pretty shocking and certainly one of the most explosive openings I have seen. After the opening sequence though the shower of blood is forgotten as we jump to present day.

Saya appears to be a normal schoolgirl and here we see her, and her "freind" Kaori (I use freind in inverted commas here as they are pretty touch-feely in this opening part ;) ) at their high-school. We learn the only abnormal thing about Saya is she has forgotten all her life up until a year ago (this, along with mothers is something else anime characters seem to lose fairly frequently) and she has hospital checks done on her regularly to see if she remembers anything. Things move on from here at a rather slow meandering pace as we meet the rest of the cast who include: Kei a guy at the high-school who drives Saya home on his motorbike (someone who I can see myself wanting to throttle after a few episodes he has the type of air to him I hate in a character), Saya's father and brother (or are they *cue mysterious music*), as well as a cello playing creepy looking guy who's music gives Saya what appears to be a brief flashback to her past as she walks by him.

There are certainly a lot of darker tones to the series already and its evident Saya isn't who she appears to be (although she herself does not seem aware of this). By the three quarter point the series abandons the irritating "this is such and such a character" introductory feel and starts in with the horror. Saya finds herself facing up to a rather unpleasant creature and its up to the mysterious cello playing bishy to intervene *gasp*. The episode ends on a cliff hanger with really not enough happening in the episode overall, but leaving me with an optimistic feeling I shall like what's to come. This show could turn out either way right now, bad or good. Overall decent, but not decent enough (the animation is quite honestly the best I have ever seen in a TV series though).

Episode Score: 6.5/10
It's too early to tell how this will go, an "ok" start but more violence please.

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, October 11, 2005  
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