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Anime: Kino's Journey "The Tower Country"
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
This is a 12 or so minute long episode of Kino's Journey which wasn't included in the official TV series. Its too short to review and covers one short story, so here is a quick summary!

Kino at this point in her travels appears to have happily excepted the fact that everyone refers to her as he, due to her incredibly androgynous appearance. On her journey she has reached a country where the population are busy building a huge tower. The tower sores into the sky, and is ridiculously huge, the entire countries population work on it. Curious as to why they are building the tower Kino asks everyone why, but they simply reply with a "Don't ask me I'm only doing my job". As she settles in for the night in a run down shack basement (she can't find any hotels in the country), a young man rushes in and asks her for help. The young man explains he hates working on the tower and wants to stop, but if he does he would become a sacrifice as it is a requirement of the country to build the tower (explaining the lack of hotels).

Kino says she sadly can't interfere in the countries customs, but when her talking bike Hermes points out the tower may collapse soon Kino inspects it and finds that may well be the case. Surely enough the next day the tower collapses, and to Kino's surprise everyone celebrates, and says "Hooray time to build a new tower". They start drawing up plans immediately. Kino spots the man from the previous night and tells him if there is a new tower, he could perhaps be an artist and paint and engrave bricks for the tower with designs. The man brightens up and rushes off to join in making the plans. Kino then rides off to her next destination, where-ever it may be.

In 12 mins there isn't much here, but what is here is so strange yet oddly compelling it leaves me wanting to see more of Kino's exploits.

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, September 07, 2005  
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