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Anime: Glass No Kamen (2005) : Episodes 3 & 4
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Episode 3
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Going straight into episode three, we have Maya's performance as Bibi the fool in the school play. Abandoning the stereotype she is supposed to be playing, we finally get to see Maya's hidden raw acting talent which to the surprise of everyone (including Tsukikage who is watching) brings the house down. This episode also lets us look into Tsukikage's past and makes it clear that the "villains" are the two trying to obtain the rights to a show Tsukikage owns entitled "The Crimson Goddess". We also see Maya struggle in acting class, purely because her imagination is so advanced. In fact the only person at the class who seems to see the beauty in Maya's performance of attempting to catch a bird is her "future rival" Ayumi Himekawa. Still some really enchanting scenes to be found here especially for those with a taste for over the top acting. I especially enjoyed Maya's performance as Bibi in the school play here, it was over-emotional and over the top and just fantastic to watch.

Episode Score: 8/10
More pure drama here, and some wonderful moments with Maya expressing herself through acting. The first proper scenes with Ayumi are also interesting as we start to get a basis for what her character is like.

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Episode 4
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New opening sequence (although same opening theme), for episode 4, showing Maya growing up a little and with more focus on other characters. I liked it more than the first, had more life to it. The main focus of this episode is Maya taking a big step and deciding to run away from home to join Tsukikage's acting school she has set up. It's just such an over the top and dramatic thing to do (she even leaves the stereotypical "goodbye note" for her mother), and just encapsulates everything about the drama in this show. However Maya's mother does go to the school later in the episode to bring her back, causing an "edge of your seat" moment of drama as Tsukikage stands between her and Maya and bears the brunt of Maya's mothers attack. This episode was also rather sinister towards the end though, I was left debating how sane Tsukikage was and just how obsessed she was with making Maya an actress. Interesting though none the less, certainly the most dramatic episode so far, and all the better for it.

Episode Score 8.5/10
Plot moving along a fair bit now, with lots of development for Maya as she tackles acting head on, and becomes determined to be an actress. Its certainly uplifting to see her making such positive moves, and I look forward to episode 5.

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posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, September 27, 2005  
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