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Anime: Glass No Kamen (2005) : Episode 5
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
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Episode 5 of Glass Mask sees perhaps most importantly the first glimpse of the rivalry between Ayumi and Maya developing. They have an hour long "duel" (which is basically a drama game) in front of all of Maya's class mates. It's an interesting premise as Maya can only say four different things and Ayumi is trying to desperately get her to slip up by asking questions that are nigh on impossible to answer with the words she is limited too. Of course Maya's entire class are watching this, and Tsukikage so the pressure is on. Once again, its a joy to just see how imaginative the character of Maya is in this "duel" as she battles Ayumi. Considering the battle between them is only verbal, things are surprisingly tense and I found myself on the edge on my seat. Ayumi certainly comes across as petty here trying to humiliate Maya, but fortunately Maya is a very able adversary for her. Jumping back further in the episode Maya (who's taken on a part-time job to pay back Tsukikage for her scholarship) meets someone who is certainly a future candidate for her love interest. So the plot itself comes together more and more here.

Overall Episode Score: 8.5/10
8/10 if it wasn't for the highly enjoyable battle of wits displayed here. Ayumi gets a lot of development and we see what she is really like.

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posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, September 28, 2005  
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