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Anime: Burst Angel DVD #3 "East Meets West"
Saturday, September 03, 2005
The review for Disc 1 in the series can be found here. My review for Disc 2 can be found here.

Age Rating: 14+
Company: Funimation
Genre: Action
Running Time: 100 mins
DVD Region 1

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"Its only a matter of time before things turn violent"

Episode Contents (Contains Spoilers)

Episode 9: Party Of The Dragon

Sei, Meg and Amy attend a party on board a ship docked in Tokyo Bay to celebrate the unification between Sei's family and another ancient Chinese syndicate. Sei's grandfather nudging Sei towards the young male heir of the other syndicate in hope of pairing them together. However Jei (the young man in question), has other plans namely taking an ancient dragon talisman that Sei has in order to proclaim himself head of both syndicates. Action soon breaks out and Sei, Meg and Amy find themselves fighting for their lives. Contacting Jo via PC (Jo is back at the girls home watching incredibly violent cannibal horror movies with Kyo), Jo "borrows" Kyo's new motorbike and dashes to help her the others. The episode finishes with Jo chasing Jei as he tries to escape on a motorboat, and Meg proving she is good in a fight finally defeating the rest of the bodyguards single handedly... . Its amusing to see Jo burst into a super rage at Jei after Amy tells her that he hit Meg to get an extra burst of aggression from her too.
A good episode overall, little plot but plenty of kung-fu like action from Meg, and an exceedingly cool chase scene with Jo smashing through the docks on her motorcycle. Lots of fun which is what I've come to expect from Burst Angel. An interestingly in-depth look into the politics of Sei's family and her past is also welcome.

Overall Episode Content: 8/10

Episode 10: Uncharted Cyberspace

Seeing as Amy is my least favorite character and this episode focuses entirely on her and Kyo I wasn't expecting much as it began, but it turned out to be fairly entertaining at least. Amy is annoyed as Sei and Meg have gone out to buy themselves new things (Jo watching horror movies at the base as usual) when she wants to get new PC parts too to help track down someone mocking her on the net. Convincing Kyo to drive her into town to go shopping for cyber parts Amy finds this hacker is rather unusual. Sucked into a bizarre world it becomes clear these cyborg's who used to be human want Amy to be a cyborg with them. Although Amy has other plans involving a virus she has acquired to help both she and Kyo escape their nightmare virtual reality...
This episode is pure filler really, Kyo and Amy have some fairly entertaining banter especially the way she walks all over him despite him being far older. She is a bit too much of a winy brat for me to like her character though, and I found her fairly irritating throughout. The overall quality of other parts of the episode though kept me watching, but the weakest Burst Angel episode so far.

Overall Episode Content: 7/10

Episode 11: Eastern Angel, Western Hawk

Jo is sent to Osaka to protect a pro-wrestler after a series of terrorist incidents in the city involving many hundreds of civilians killed. The other wrestler in the match unfortunately seems to be one of the mysterious mutants that Jo has encountered before, and he transforms into it during the fight forcing Jo to rush to kill it.
Meet Takane, she's a new character to the series, detective for the Osaka police, but also the leader of a former biker gang (so she dresses in her gang colours still), she also rushes to track down the mutant which after being wounded by Jo dives into the sewers. This results in the monster being killed but Jo and Takane having a rather violent stand-0ff which results in police surrounding Jo and Takane handcuffing her and dragging her off....
Another action fueled episode here, Lots of blood and guns blazing and Jo doing what she does best. The lack of Meg by her side cuts down on interesting banter but Takane is cool enough to hold the episode together well. The stand-off between Jo and Takane is one of my favorite moments in the show so far.

Overall Episode Content: 8/10

Episode 12: Tower Of Tears

Jo (after a hilarious interrogation sequence from Takane), is released and meets up with Sei who's paid her bail. As they drive off in a cab, Sei spots a symbol (that was on the train in episode 4) on the side of a truck and gets the taxi driver to follow it. She also radios for Leo (Jango's creator and a rather scary guy with a beard) , to drive both Jango and Amy and Meg to Osaka, just in case. Sei's fears are realized as she and Jo follow the truck to an abandoned fairground where the driver is sniped, and they are attacked by the sniper too. Jo quickly eliminates the sniper but as a huge robot (the biggest I've seen in any anime) smashes through the ground beneath the fairground and launches into a full on Godzilla like attack on Osaka. The robot heads for the main tower in Osaka with a terrorist message arriving at the police station that it will destroy the tower. Takane's squad except her is eliminated by the robot rather bloodily, and even Jango is shoved through a skyscraper by it as it advances. It is soon apparent that the terrorist controlling it (for an unknown reason) is a member of the Osaka police that Takane thought was her friend. The cybot grabs Meg as she tries to blast it down with huge chaingun, and the episode ends with the tower being attacked by the cybot with Meg as it's hostage.
Wow, that's how I felt after this episode. The city is destroyed on an epic level here and with some of the best action I've seen in an anime for a long time. Jo, and Takane are as awesome as they were in the previous episode both having similar personalities of "shoot first, then shoot them again". Not much of Meg (yet again) in this episode making her overall presence in the volume pretty low, but she looks to play a more important part again now that Jo has an additional reason for stopping the cybot. Its irritating it ends on a cliffhanger, but with episodes that are such explosive fun as this. Who cares?

Overall Episode Content: 9/10

Another fun disc, is all that I can say. A lack of Jo/Meg interaction means it isn't quite as good as the last disc but the addition of Takane makes up for that slightly.

Overall Content Score: 8/10


No errors on either the sub or dub, fantastic voice acting on both audio tracks (apart from the English Leo, I'm not a fan of Mike McFarlands voice acting). What can I say, same overall great quality.

Overall Audio Score: 9/10


Again, its a GONZO show its going to look stunning. The mecha fights in particular in this volume seem even more stunning than before, and the spectacular motorbike action (from both Jo and Takane) is superbly animated. There's also some incredibly nifty bullet time type effects where you follow Jo's bullet to its target that were fantastically done. No video glitches that I could notice.

Overall Video Score: 10/10


It doesn't get much better than this. The latest trailers of Funimation's titles, Textless Songs, dub documentary with the English voice actors (as usual), about 3 hours of Akeno Watanabe and Megumi Toyaguchi making hilariously random comments on BakuTen Radio Drama's and if that wasn't enough an entire episode of a claymation anime called "Garakuta" (a new license for Funi it seems).

Overall Extras Score: 10/10


The front cover shows Jo and Meg draped over each other in a rather suggestive of their "more than freindship" pose (which I of course love ;) ). The artbook with this volume focuses on Takane as well as the usual pictures of the cast's outfits. Amy and some mecha get the reverse of the cover and the DVD logo. Same good quality that's been prevalent throughout.

Overall Packaging Score: 8/10

Overall Scores
Content: 8/10
Audio: 9/10
Video: 10/10
Packaging 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, September 03, 2005  
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