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My favourite anime and manga?
Sunday, August 07, 2005
Having had a busy day, not really much I have to say on the anime/manga front so I thought I'd actually list my top ten anime, and top five anime as they stand. I'll probably add them to my profile and swap then update them as new titles enter.


1) Maria-Sama Ga Miteru -
Including both seasons as one here: this truly enchanting story about the drama's and friendships between the cast at the Lilian girls school is a must watch in my opinion.

2) Noir - A stunning tale of dark pasts of three female assassins intertwined. No blood, but a stylish "noir-esque" ridiculously over the top action. Filled with drama, romance (its love dammit, I know what I'm talking about!), and intrigue.

3) Madlax - Haven't seen all of this yet, but I am totally hooked, from the creators of Noir it produces a similar atmosphere of dark secrets awaiting discovery. Looking forward to more.

4) Fruits Basket - Bit of an oddball series for my top 10 this, I'm not particularly fond of bishounen heavy shows with some irritating female lead fawning over guys, but Fruits Basket breaks free of stereotypes. Its a sweet story, that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Tohru is simply such a good person she is enthralling to watch.

5) Sailor Moon - Shame the license has expired so its hard to obtain, but its a good show overall, in my eyes one of the best Magical Girl shows. Sailor Moon Stars being my favourite of them all. Haruka and Micheru are simply great.

6) Berserk - The dark horse of my list, its bloody , horrific and has a mainly male cast. Why do I like it? Well Caska is a fantastic female lead, and the gothic medieval setting is very well laid out.

7) Burst Angel - After enjoying the first volume so much, GONZO's fantastic spaghetti western girls with guns show now is in my top 10. Now if only United Publications would get volume 2 here...

8) Vampire Princess Miyu - aka "The Magical Girl Anime Where People Horrifically Die All The Time", although I can see why the creators went with a different title. A dark take on the genre, lots of tragedy a plot that's very unforgiving on its cast. Miyu battles evil Shinma demons as they try and destroy mortals lives.

9) Azumanga Daioh - Silly and quirky comedy about six high school girls and there not so everyday lives at school. Very random and pointless at times, but compelling to watch and very funny.

10) Boogiepop Phantom - Psychological horror about a city where dark and horrific supernatural events influence everyday life. Lots of takes on real life problems with a supernatural twist.


1) Battle Vixens - Ridiculously violent and ecchi action series, where high school students possessed by spirits of warriors from the 3 Kingdoms era of China battle it out for supremacy. Hilarious dialogue and so OTT its unbelievable.

2) Yotsuba&! -From the creator of Azumanga Daioh, this quirky little series about the strange life of a crazy young girl is hilarious reading.

3) The Demon Ororon - Enjoying this a great deal, chock full of some rather gory violence, but a strangely compelling tale about the odd relationship between Chiaki daughter of the archangel Gabriel, and Ororon, the King Of All Demons.

4) Fruits Basket - Yep the manga version of this makes my top 5, great stuff.

5) Remote - Detective series, where a female cop deals with a series of crimes around a city being directed remotely by the odd and reclusive head of her department via earpiece. Very dramatic, and gripping.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, August 07, 2005  
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