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Manga: Miyuki-Chan In Wonderland
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
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Fairly old title this, and one I admitedly only bought in the first place as it was lesbian themed. But heres my review anyway!

Content: To be fair, this is a CLAMP manga with pretty much zero in the actual way of content. Basically each chapter is a short story in which poor Miyuki is hurled from one utterly bizarre dimension to the other, each dimension having an entirely female cast who either try and seduce her or seem desperate to shred her clothes.
Thats pretty much the entire plot really. Miyuki spends the majority of her time blushing, running away or in total panic as the rest of the cast pursue her (although the fact at one point a semi-nude living female chess piece makes her say "I've never been turned on by chess pieces before", hints to something if you ask me!). Miyuki is also shoved into one ridiculous outfit to another as she goes through the surreal worlds and while the manga is ecchi, it is only mildly so with nothing of the levels of fan-service found in other titles. Personally while their isn't a story to be really found here I thought the concept was hilarious.

6/10 :- Fun but ultimately a pointless novelty buy.

Artwork: Beautifully drawn, with some wonderful colour artwork throughout, charecters and the rather ecchi outfits they wear are well detailed and so are the panels in general. Action panels are well presented and giving the vast amounts of clothes fast moving sequences suprisingly easy to follow.

9/10 :- Top notch character art, like the majority of CLAMPS work.

Presentation: Fantastic presentation by Tokyopop, clear print quality untrasnlated sound effects. The only thing I'm not so fond of is the coverart (which you can see above), its rather bland.

:- Good release from Tokyopop, as usual.

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, August 10, 2005  
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