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Anime: Tenjho Tenje: DVD #2 - Round 02
Monday, August 15, 2005
Age Rating: 16+
Company: Geneon
Genre: Fighting/Supernatural
Running Time: 75 mins approx (grrr)
DVD Region 1

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"How will the Juken Club handle the combined might of the Council's army and its elite members?"

Episode Contents (Contains Spoilers)

Episode 5: Punishment

The episode begins with the Juken Club under Maya's instruction relaxing at the local bowling alley after some intense training. Nagi would rather be training as always, and Aya seems preoccupied however the rest of them seem to be enjoying themselves. Aya heads off to the bathroom, and it is revealed she is brooding over her elder sisters relationship with Nagi, and just what happened between them in the previous episode. Using her mysterious "Dragon-Eye" ability, Aya looks into the past to see Maya kissing Nagi, devastated she slaps Maya (who has just entered the bathroom herself), knocking over someone else entering as she does. The Juken clubs time off is suddenly shattered as it appears the student council has surrounded the building. The girl who was knocked over in the restroom is vice-president Isuza who launched into attacking Maya once Aya has left. Bob, Takanayagi and Chiaki find themselves surrounded by hordes of goons in the main bowling area. Nagi, (who rushes from the goons to look for Aya and Maya), runs into pro-wrestler Sagara in a corridor and finally Aya finds herself facing off against the zombie like Tagami on a staircase (Tagami is armed with a dangerous looking pole). Carnage ensues as the fights begin, Isuza pulling hordes of knives mysteriously from everywhere once Maya has knocked her to the ground, making her style of fighting appear clear. While not much actually happens in this episode, we seem some limited development of Aya and Maya's relationship evidently with Nagi in the middle which was fairly interesting. However pretty much all that happens here is setting up for the fights to come, you do however get to see a few hilarious moments with Maya's child form flinging Isuza around in the bathroom. Entertaining but not enough action or development.

Overall Episode Score: 7/10

Episode 6: Illusion

The fights between the Juken club and the council continue to rage for pretty much this entire episode. Aya (distracted by her thoughts of Nagi) is driven back up the stairs towards the rooftop by Tagami (invariably getting her clothes torn a fair amount in the process). However she soon snaps out of it and readies herself for a proper battle after witnessing a "Dragon Eye" flashback to Nagi's traumatic past. Meanwhile the Nagi V.S Sagara fight rages on, as do Takanayagi's and Bob's (Bob doing his uppermost to avoid a repeat of Ryuzaki's assault on Chiaki by protecting her). Maya and Isuza's bathroom brawl is definitely the most entertaining thing to watch in this episode though. Theres a ridiculous amount of knives flying about, and lots of fast moving action. By the end of the episode I was wondering where exactly Isuza was pulling this endless stream of knives from, and you soon find out as Maya breaks Isuza's "chi", with rather embaressing results for Isuza that I wont spoil for you. The episode ends with the sinister president Mitsuomi arriving at the bowling alley. Theres a lot of action to be found in this episode and its a lot of fun to watch. Theres little plot, but shows like this aren't really about that, so it doesn't detract from your enjoyment as long as your prepared for just mindless action and fun.

Overall Episode Score: 8/10

Episode 8: Breakthrough

Maya is victorious of Isuza, and after finding out Isuza's secret, uses her to aid her own escape. Maya is however bleeding from countless knife wounds and a severely damaged shoulder. Even so, she knows the next person she must find is Nagi. The bulk of this episode is taken up with a rather lengthy battle between Nagi and Sagara, with Maya slumped against the wall behind them trying to give Nagi advice. While I find both Nagi and Sagara, boring characters it was an interesting enough battle, with Nagi ultimately proving triumphant. We also get a few glimpses (flashbacks) of Mitsuomi blackmailing Sagara into becoming his flunkie, so you get the impression perhaps Sagara isn't all bad. Meanwhile Aya has been forced up onto the rooftop by Tagumi (who has graciously given her his headband to replace her tattered clothes) while they ready for all out combat. Takayanagi, Bob and Chiaki are escaping the bowling alley at the end of this episode. When they run into big trouble...
With this episode wrapping up the majority of the fights, but still ending on a cliffhanger it feels a little unsatisfying especially as I now have to wait another 2 months to see what happens next. That said the episode was fairly entertaining on the action stakes and kept me gripped throughout. Again little plot development here, just all out action as we see Nagi's skills develop to the extent of really impressing Maya.

Overall Episode Score: 7/10

A fun volume overall, but not much happening other than mindless fun action with a sprinkling of fanservice (its there, but its not so gratuitous that its all over the place). Entertaining and exciting, but ultimately plotless.

Overall Content Score: 7/10


Listened to both sub and dub tracks, and I actually found I preferred the sub more, Nagi, Aya and Maya's voices don't grate as much in their original Japanese (I swear on the dub track Tiffany Hsieh(Aya) will drive me insane with her constant whining after Nagi). Credit should go too both Minori Chihara and Wendee Lee as Maya, its just so hilarious to hear her voice get higher every time she shrinks. As I said though, the sub is the better audio track here purely as the American voices sound rather inane at times. Music wise Tenjho Tenje is ok, I don't really like the background music, but the fantastic opening and ending themes do make up for it. The opening theme "Bomb-A-Head" is just hilarious to listen to it goes so fast (complete with the cast dancing to it), and the end theme Ashitene Motto has grown on me with its cheesy J-pop vibe. No break-ups to be found here sound quality wise.

Overall Audio Score: 7/10


Brilliant image quality throughout the show as its expected really from Geneon. No picture break-ups. I noticed the animation quality had dropped significantly from earlier volumes though. Fight scenes are merely still panning shots with lines flying across them most of the time to give an impression of movement. There are a few moments of fluid action, but compared to the first few episodes this feels rather tacky and cheap, while not being totally dire.

Overall Video/Animation Score: 6/10


Just the on-credit ending here, and previews for Geneon's other shows. Thats it, zip-zero, nothing else. Very poor.

Overall Extras Score: 4/10


The front cover (pictured above) portrays Aya wearing what appears to be Christmas tree tinsel, with Nagi in the background. The back cover has several screenshots along with the typical blurb. The reverse side of the cover is the same image as the front although slightly larger and with no writing. Theres a paper insert listing future release dates, and in my copy a rather nice Aya pencil board with her on the same pose as the cover. A high-quality release overall and with a good look to it. A little bit more art wouldn't have gone amiss though.

Overall Packaging Score: 7/10

Score Round Up

Content: 7/10
Audio: 7/10
Video: 6/10
Extras: 4/10
Packaging: 7/10

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, August 15, 2005  
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