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Anime: Seraphim Call Part 3
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Part one of my review can be found here. Part two can be found here.

Seraphim Call Content Review: Part 3

Episode 9: Kasumi Kurenai : The Legend Of A Girl

The Legend goes that if you do as Kasumi Kurenai did, and scoop up a 500 yen coin while laying in a certain fountain at full moon, if the coin is dated from 2008 you will find your true love. Lulu is obsessed with the urban legend of this mysterious girl Kasumi and the various deeds she did (as are many other girls), and is helping produce a documentary about them. Most of the episode follows Lulu and the rest of the crew making the documentary as they reenact various things Kasumi is supposed to have done. Lulu is clearly obsessed with the legendry girl and goes starry eyed on more than a few occasions. The camerawoman on the team seems less enthusiastic though and is constantly arguing with Lulu. Lulu soon finds herself in danger after her enthusiasm causes a dangerous motorcycle stunt (a reproduction of something Kasumi is meant to have done) to go wrong. However the camerawoman snatches Lulu out the air on another bike and saves her, its very epic and over the top and we have the revelation that the camerawoman is Kasumi. Lulu finally meets the object of her obsession! Overall a great episode (Kasumi is so cool, I can't help but go all fangirly over her ;) my favorite character in the series) , good drama, a bit of action and just fun to watch.

Overall Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 10: Kurumi Matsumoto : Real Blue

Kurumi is a manga artist, who works under another name to hide her identity (she's naturally introverted). She has a wild imagination and her latest manga is called "Real Blue". One day her father takes in the son of an old friend, the boy is very cold towards her, but Kurumi begins to hold him in high regard. The blur between her imagination and real life mixed in with her manga deadlines from the editor cause her to all get a bit confused. Its dramatic, and its fun, but I admittedly found bits of it a little dull and a few times I wasn't entirely sure what was happening in Kurumi's head. Still, a pretty good episode overall.

Overall Episode Score: 7/10

Episode 11: Urara Tachibana : The Inner World Of Me

A pretty surreal episode this, but also one of my favorites in the series. Urara has a bit of an obsession with her deceased father, to the extent she won't date any guys because she feels its betraying her father. She instead talks of him a lot, and is confused about her feelings a great deal.. she seems to have a friend in a door. She finds "Door-san" safe and warm and likes it a lot (don't ask me it's totally surreal). However once her mother gets sick and she realizes she may have to leave the city (a city her Dad helped design and she promised she wouldn't leave), she gets an vision from her father. The vision makes her feel better, and realizes she can date guys and leave the city with her mother, as her father will always be watching over her. Its quite a sweet and uplifting tale despite how surreal it is, it also made me cry which I count as plus. Cleverly and uniquely presented (kinda like a play) like Episode 2, it gives a unique feel.

Overall Episode Score: 8/10

Episode 12: Sacred Night Of The Seraphim

All the girls come together in this final episode, its funny, its slightly surreal and it has one of the charactersproclaiming her love for another! I won't spoil it for you anymore, but its certainly a great episode.

Overall Episode Score: 9/10

While Seraphim Call can be hit or miss at times as of its episodic nature, at its core its 11 unique stories that have something for everyone. Its wonderfully done, and there's really nothing else like it out there to watch. I enjoyed it! Recommended.

Overall Series Score 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, August 16, 2005  
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