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Anime: Seraphim Call Part 2
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Continued from part one of my review, which can be found here.

Seraphim Call Content Review: Part 2

Episode 5: Shion Murasame : To My Sister In My Dreams

Episodes 5 and 6 of Seraphim Call pretty much tell the same story but from slightly different perspectives, one for each of these twin sisters. Shion and Sakura are twin sisters who one day receive a love note from an admirer, however the name on the letter is damaged, so neither knows which one of them it was meant for. Strange things ensue as each sister begins to question how the other feels about the letter. It gets really bizarre when they put on VR headsets to enter the others body to determine the other twins ideals. From this point I found it rather hard to follow exactly what was going, as its difficult to separate VR from reality. However one thing does become clear, the sisters already rather quirky relationship is not all that normal. Both sisters eventually turn out to be worried the letter was addressed to the other, as they want their sister to stay with them and not run off with the guy who wrote the note. In short the two sisters are in love, in a borderline incestuous kind of way, and their infatuation for each other is clear. The letter is burnt and they declare their love for each other, even exchanging a rather more than sisterly kiss at the end of the episode. I really liked this episode and the next... (cont below)

Overall Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 6: Sakura Murasame : To My Sister Within Love

Episode 6 is pretty much the same as episode 5 though told from Sakura's perspective more. Its just as good as the previous episode and an interesting way of doing things. Both these episodes are thoroughly enjoyable (and hey its shoujo-ai, even if it is incestuous) and that's partly down to the characters. The way Shino and Sakura speak and relate to one-another is interesting to watch and makes what is merely lots of dialogue and exploring of each others emotions very far more enthralling than it sounds.

Overall Episode Score: 9/10

Episode 7: Saeno Hiiragi : The Paradox That Is Me

O.K we are entering extremely surreal territory here. Saeno is an English teacher who is an expert at maths but chooses not to teach it so it keeps being special to her. This episode leaps around between the past and present a great deal, to the point I really had no idea what was going on. There's a strange door, and Saeno's old professor teaching her things about "Pi", and some ancient puzzle that can never be solved but Saano is trying to solve anyway. Maybe it was the fact it was maths related (and to me almost sounded like a math lesson), is why I didn't like this episode very much, but I found the whole thing confusing. It was surreal enough to be ok to watch, but mostly went completely over my head. Can't say I found the characters interesting either.

Overall Episode Score: 5/10

Episode 8: Ayaka Rindoh : Acropolis International Rescue Team

At first sites Ayaka appears to be a rather irritating spoilt girl, and you'd be right, she is. However she is also head of team of crime fighters who are a complete rip off of Thunderbirds. Oh and she also has a giant robotic chameleon in her arsenal as well as her Thunderbird like spacecraft. This episode is pretty much parody after parody as Ayaka and her team pursue jewel thieves causing much carnage in the process. Its pretty brainless, its pretty simple, but I found it very entertaining. Ayaka herself despite being irritating is fun to watch as she acts without thinking throughout the episode. it's a nice change of pace from the slightly more serious tones of the series.

Overall Episode Content 7/10

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, August 16, 2005  
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