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Anime: Seraphim Call Part 1
Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Some titles that I watch all at once I shall just do a content only review in parts for instead of the individual DVD reviews I do for some shows as they are released.

Seraphim Call Content Review: Part 1

"Beautiful Angels who walk among us"

Set in the year 2010, this anime follows the day today lives of 11 girls and their unique abilities/outlooks. The series is entirely episodic, with each episode focusing on a character, except for the final episode (which I shall cover in part 3 of my review).

Episode 1: Yukina Kurimoto : Sleeping Beauty Panic

This episode follows a girl named Yukina, who is a genius but has the unfortunate problem that she has an acute anxiety disorder. She is scared of men in general, however if more than one looks at her she passes out for an extended period (she has however developed a machine that inflates around her to cushion her fall when she does pass out). Yukina awakes one day to find she is needed in the defusal of a bomb terrorists have planted on a computer she had programmed for a company. Yukina rushes to the scene in a race against time, although time gets increasingly less and less as even a giant mecha she travels in cannot stop her passing out! Will she make it in time?! *bites nails*. You'll have to see for yourself! Fun little episode this, not very deep, pretty silly and rather basic, yet at the same time entertaining to watch throughout. Yukina is a decent enough lead character, and I love the gadgets she has in her room.

Overall Episode Score: 7/10

Episode 2: Tanpopo Teramoto : Magerine Crisis

Rather odd little episode this. The entire thing is done through the eyes of a stuffed animal called "Magerine", in Tanpopo's room. We basically see Tanpopo's everyday life as she talks to her stuffed animals imaginatively, goes to school on the computer etc.. . Nothing truly thrilling or dramatic happens but its strangely compelling to see her talk to her family and have her friend Chihiro come to visit. Chihiro tells Tanpopo that she needs to grow up and stop talking to her stuffed animals, which sparks some minor drama. But Chihiro does phone up later and apologise. There's a rather odd and slightly disturbing twist at the end of this episode too, that feels decidedly out of place. Despite its basic "slice of life" feel though (making it a little dull at times), this episode is still good quality and fun to watch, if only for its unique style.

Overall Episode Score: 7/10

Episode 3: Chinami Ohse : The Taste Of Cake

A very basic slice of life feel to it this episode, and definitely one of the most down to earth of the series. Chinami who's parents are divorced has decided she won't go to university but rather stay at home and help care for her younger siblings and father (whom she lives with). I found the story rather uplifting at times as you see her family and friends try and steer her towards a path she will enjoy sometimes helping yet at other times seemingly causing more problems. A fairly good story of self realization overall, and something I enjoyed just as much as the previous episodes.

Overall Episode Score: 7/10

Episode 4: Hatsumi Kusunoki : Flying Angel

Hatsumi is a tomboy, who believes she is not beautiful and definitely not feminine. She is sporty and athletic however. One day a female artist sees Hatsumi and asks her to pose for a painting for her, claiming she is beautiful. Hatsumi instantly refuses, however the artist becomes very persistent, and sets out on what seems almost like a mission to convince Hatsumi to pose for her. The episode is full of rather amusing banter between the two, its fairly romantic toned as well so I enjoyed it of course! The artist eventually beats Hatsumi in a swimming race by cheating so Hatsumi has to be her model. However Hatsumi, after the race sees herself in a mirror, in a bikini (a bikini the artist convinces her to wear for the race) , and encouraged by the artists words sees the beauty in herself for the first time. Hatsumi agrees to pose for the painting. This episode is such a wonderful story, both Hatsumi and the artist being very interesting characters and the relationship between them leading to a wonderful moment of self-realization for Hatsumi. It was great fun to watch and kept me glued to the screen all the way through.

Overall Episode Score: 9/10

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, August 16, 2005  
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