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Anime: Maria-Sama Ga Miteru and Maria-Sama Ga Miteru ~Haru~
Friday, August 05, 2005

Couldn't miss out doing a review of perhaps one of my favourite anime series of all time, so here it is!. The review is for both of the seasons (hoping for a third).

CONTENT: Maria-Sama Ga Miteru (from here-on called Marimite), focuses on the Lillian Girls School, a Catholic high school, which follows the drama, close friendships and relationships that occur between the pupils there. The school operates with a system where older girls pick a younger student to be their "petit soeur", the soeurs then help one another in their school lives.
The heroine of the show is Yumi, in the lowest year of the school (at the beginning of the show anyway), a naturally good and kind person who suddenly finds herself involved with the Yamayurika (the schools student council), when a second year member of it named Sachiko, takes interest in making her, her soeur.
The series itself is steeped in romantic subtext as the various characters bond into sisterly relationships often filled with drama as they carry about their every-day lives. However the show remains in subtext apart from in the case of a tragic tale of forbidden love between Sei (a key student council member) and another girl. It tackles Personally I thought all the shoujo-ai contained was very tastefully done and deeply romantic.
The show is made up of small stories 2-3 episodes long focusing on the various characters and drama between them but all blending perfectly together as a whole over the 26 episodes in the two seasons.
The characters are also what made this series so special for me. Yumi is a very kind good person, similar to Tohru in Fruits Basket, the ideal type to bring the cold and reserved Sachiko out of her shell. Sei is forward and brash and flirty with the rest of the cast, but also has a tender side (I'm such a Sei fan-girl so I'll refrain from raving about her fantasticness to much). Shimako and Noriko (in the second season) are arguably two of the characters I think suit each other as soeurs the most, they both are wonderfully good people and after Sei my favourite cast members. That said, all of the cast are good in their roles and I wouldn't say I found any of them dull to watch.

VISUALS: The show looks beautiful, although it isn't exactly a high-action thriller so don't expect any impressive CGI to look at. The beautiful falling cherry blossoms, wonderfully animated windswept hair capture a romantic and gentle atmosphere.

SOUND: Only one audio track in the Japanese, another show with the fantastic Megumi Toyoguchi (who plays Sei, did I mention how fantastic Sei is?!!). I do like the entire cast's voices aswell everyone gives a great performance really capturing the over the top dramatic atmosphere at times. Miki Itou gives Sachiko a very distanced and upperclass heir at times which I thought was perhaps the best acting in the series. Can't say im too keen on the musical score a lot of the time though. The during episode music was good, but the opening and end themes I find lacking.


CONTENT: 10/10 : In my eyes the perfect anime, beautiful and gentle but mixed in with very moving drama.

VISUALS: 8/10 : Beautiful , fitting the series mood perfectly.

SOUND: 7/10 : Enchanting at its best, average at its worst.

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, August 05, 2005  
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