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Anime: Honey And Clover 1
Saturday, August 06, 2005

After recently experiencing the first episode of this (its from the Spring 05 Japan anime season), I thought I'd give my thoughts on the first episode. This series has appeared to be very popular, and I really can't understand why.

Opening: Yay, dancing food! Everyone loves dancing food, especially sinister looking prawns. Dont they? It's a fun opening I loved it.

First Half: O.K, we are introduced to a bunch of students for a univercity. Most importantly Takemoto, Morita and Mayama. They eat a bunch of croquettes, sit around talking about things (such as where Morita has been for the last 14 days) and Takemoto reminds himself to awake Morita so he can get to class the next day (if he dosen't he will have to retake a year which he's already done once). I had the impression it was meant to be laid back and slightly funny, but I didn't smile once at the slight gags and I found the cast irritating . Takemoto dosen't awake Morita in time and as the commercial break arrives Morita is rushing to school.

Second Half: Aside from the pointlessly irritating (read "meant to be amusing") antics of Morita at school not much really happened here that held my attention. Forgive me for not finding a moron dashing about with stupid expressions on his face amusing, but it just isn't. A girl named Hanamoto who is eighteen but is a midget is introduced to Mayama and Takemoto, and its clear that Takemoto is spellbound by her. Morita has a pretty bizarre reaction to her aswell. Thats pretty much it, it was full of rather boring gags, everyday conversation that didn't hold my attention and unappealing characters. The show attempted to set itself up as slice of life with light humour, in my eyes the slice of life bit was snore inducing, and the humour bit wasn't humerous. I can't say I liked any of it content wise.

End Theme: I'm rarely an end theme person, this was ok.. , I actually liked the music for the show. Shame about the content. Easy listening, laid back song.

One thing I did like about the show (other than the music) was the beautiful animation, something really special. I really can't see whats so good and easy to watch about the anime in general though. I was falling asleep.
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, August 06, 2005  
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