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Anime: Gokujou Seitokai
Friday, August 05, 2005

An all girls school, a student council with supreme power over the school and a talking living glove puppet sounds like a slightly unusual combination, however suprisingly they do go well together in this show.

Randou Rino is a orphaned young girl, who on the directions of a mysterious penfriend dubbed "Mr.Poppit", travels to a new school. She is accompanied by a smart mouthed hand puppet named Puu-chan who actively talks and lives while sitting on her hand. This is not a question of Rino expressing herself via the puppet, they are entirely different people, Puu-chan even has his own past. Upon arriving in the vicinity of the new school, Rino finds herself homeless as a fire by an arsonist has burnt down her new home, she ends up spending the night outside the school gates.
The next day, dragging herself into school for the first time, she receives a uniform and finds out about the Gokujou student council: this team of girls headed by President Kanade rule over the school, and have even more power than the teachers. Rino discovers student council members get to stay in dorms at the school for free, so in order to get close to them and get the free lodgings she needs she challenges a girl named Kaori for position of class rep. to the council. Inexplicably Randou wins, and with the help of Puu-chan also apprehends an arsonist impressing the student council and having President Kanade give her the job of council secretary. This of course comes with free lodgings.
Here begins the main bulk of Puu-chan and Rino's adventures with the rest of the cast. The show is a light comedy usually featuring the council faced with a very simple problem, and dealing with it in an extremely over the top manner. Faced with fairly simple problems and the like the council respond with ridiculously needless measures to assure the task is done.
The cast is all bright and vibrant and its fairly obvious from the get go that Kanade is assuming a protective mother type role over Rino (its kinda romantic like, and in a certain episode a false rumour sweeps through the school that Rino and Kanade were doing "Paya-Paya", a rumour which the council struggle to control). Kaori, (the girl who Rino defeats as class rep) obviously has a crush on Kanade, slipping off into daydreams about being admired by her and around her to comically break them off with "No, No, a Pure maiden such as myself wouldn't think of such things". My favourite cast members are probably Kuon and Seina from the covert team, both are pretty quirky and entertaining to watch. The council are all pretty close, looking up to Kanade in admiration, it isn't a stretch to call the series romantic toned depending on how much you read into it.

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, August 05, 2005  
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