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Anime: Burst Angel DVD 2 - A New Tokyo
Thursday, August 11, 2005
Age Rating: 14+
Company: Funimation
Genre: Action
Running Time: 100 mins approx
DVD Region 1

Jo and Meg are back in the second action packed volume of Burst Angel! Hoping to stick to a more in depth review format now for the majority of my reviews. So hope you enjoy!

Episode Contents (Includes Spoilers)

Episode 5: Mansion Where Lurks The Demon
As this episode opens, we find Meg undercover in a high-school. St. Luciana Academy to be exact, an all girls religious school located deep in a forest. Meg has been assigned by Sei to discover what's happened there after one of the girls attending the school went mad and is suffering permanent hallucinations. Its not really the ideal environment for Meg, she doesn't like the quiet, the praying, the food, or the "preppie" atmosphere in which the girls bow to their seniors in halls and wish them "good-day" at all times. The school feels pretty similar to the one in drama series Maria-Sama Ga Miteru (my review of which can be read here ). Meg soon finds things are out of the ordinary when a girl named Yoko tries to commit suicide after hallucinating, by jumping off the roof. Meg saves her, and Yoko responds by developing a bit of a crush on Meg. She adopts her as her best friend at the school and even being a little affectionate with her. Meg begins to suspect the student council in their mysterious inner sanctum are behind what's going on (she thought the place was creepy after being previously invited there), and infiltrates the sanctum only to have a demon hurl itself at her and chase her out the school. Luckily an alert Jo is already there dressed undercover like Meg and she sweeps in to save the day, driving the demon back.

Episode 6: Wash This Garden With Blood
Jo and Meg now undercover together at the school, quickly discover that the food at the school is drugged to cause hallucinations. Since Meg has previously been eating it this has resulted in her starting to feel dizzy and weak. The student council soon are onto Jo and Meg and carnage ensues as the girls at the school become mindless servants acting Jo and Meg at swim practice. The demon itself reappears and battles Jo but soon retreats, however Meg has been dragged off by the other girls. Rushing to the inner sanctum Jo saves Meg and they both discover a quiet girl named Nadesico who has spoken to Meg a few times, transforms into the monster randomly, and is controlling the others. After a fierce battle, in which Meg's friend Yoko is injured, the beast is defeated, but not before its shown in a conversation by "mysterious men in black suits" that Nadesico was a test subject for "something".

Episode 7: Black Sky
A rather basic episode but fun all the same. A Giant robotic crow first carries away Kyo's girlfriend, and the Meg when she and Jo go to help Kyo look for it. Lots of epic but rather random fights take place in this episode with Jo fighting the giant crow plus all the little ones that seem to congregate around it. After Meg has been kidnapped, Sei orders Jo to stop looking for her as she's needed elsewhere. Jo grudgingly agrees (on the condition Amy tracks the crow), however when Jo is shown the mission she's needed on is to protect a guy with briefcase from harm, the crow swoops down suddenly on him and tries to take the briefcase. The man quickly injects a substance from the briefcase into Kyo and takes cover. It turns out the crow is trying to obtain the substance which is a nanobot virus you silently inject into someone and it kills them in six hours (presumably the crow is trying to get this for its master). Kyo now only has six hours to live, but Sei says her soldiers will remove it, however the crows owner projects an image of the kidnapped Meg saying she will be killed if the nanbot virus isn't given to him. The virus must be delivered to the top of the Tokyo tower. At this point Jo grabs Kyo and drags him off towards the tower, telling Sei that Meg is more important than her mission.

Episode 8: The Wounded Outlaw
Outraged that Jo has run off with what she is meant to be protecting, Sei orders her cronies to hunt down Jo and Kyo at any means necessary. Kyo is being dragged along by Jo as she dashes round the city towards the tower. However soon she is wounded by gunfire from Sei's troops, and he decides despite the fact he is going to die soon from the virus he wants to help Meg too. He bandages Jo's arm and they continue together, Jo with a new found respect for Kyo. When they arrive at the tower, Sei is already waiting for them with an army of troops, she and Jo make piece and come up with a plan to save both Meg from the crow and Kyo from the virus. Jo soon finds herself battling the crow (which mutates into something even bigger) in her mecha Django. Victory is soon hers, the virus is removed from Kyo and Meg is saved! (Until the next disc of course when she's sure to be captured again).

Overall Content Thoughts
I loved all the episodes on this disc, the show was just as fun and over the top as the first volume. The school based episodes were great for romantic tensions too with both Yoko and Jo evidently jealous of oneanother's closeness to Meg. A touching moment at the end of episode 6 where Meg tells Yoko she will see her again to make her feel better in hospital was also very good. The crow episodes were interesting in the fact you see Sei doesn't really care for the rest of the cast that much, merely the mission at hand. And it was quite good to see Jo and Kyo getting along in order to help Meg too.

Great sound on both tracks, with no drop outs or the like I could notice. Both dub and sub quality was as good as I mentioned in my volume 1 review with great performances by Monica Rial as Jo on the dub track, and Megumi Toyaguchi as Meg on the Japanese. I didn't mention it before but the opening theme to Burst Angel (entitled Loosey) is drivel, utterly awful rock/rap/jazz blend that Funimation evidently found impossible to redub. Both the Japanese and English versions of the end theme "Underneath The Sky" are pretty good, its a light hearted J-pop tune.

The Video quality was top notch as, with no errors to notice. The show itself looks stunning and filled with artsy special effects as is typical with GONZO anime. The CG and normal animation blend seamlessly. Fantastically well done.

Extras and Packaging
Extras include a dub commentary for episode 8, featuring some of the dub artists and dub directors commenting on the show. Three more installments of the Japanese radio drama with Akeno Watanabe and Megumi Toyaguchi being generally insane for an hour or so and making strange noises. Clean Opening/Closing and trailers for other Funimation releases are also present. A good variety overall.

The DVD cover has Meg in a pose with a huge machine gun of some kind in her hand. On the reverse side she is kneeling against a wall with mechs in the background. The Dvd itself has an image of Meg on it, and there's a 16 page booklet of various artwork included inside. The artbook especially is a great extra but the whole package is top quality.

Overall Scores

Content: 9/10
Audio: 10/10
Video: 10/10
Extras: 8/10
Packaging: 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, August 11, 2005  
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