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Anime: Burst Angel #1
Friday, August 05, 2005

Having recently purchased Funimations first Burst Angel Dvd (I have the second on order but it appears to have been sucked into a void), Thought I'd give it a mini review.

CONTENT: Jo, Meg, Sei and Amy are female mercenaries, in a city where marshall law reigns supreme and some rather unpleasant Judge Dredd types known as RAPT run around shooting criminals. Since theyve taken over the city arrest rates are down, but crime prevention rates are up. The fact is the criminals are usually too dead to be arrested. After taking on a new male chef called Kyo, the adventures on the first disc occur thick and fast with the main basis of the plot being Meg getting repeatedly in trouble, and Jo leaping fearlessly to her aid. Its fun, its slick, its like a spaghetti western but with pretty much an all girl cast, and its pleasingly violent to boot. All out action! The girls in the four episodes contained here, have to take out a rogue cybot that kidnaps Meg and military disc, then stop a speeding train from exploding with Meg trapped on board. It's also worth mentioning that Jo and Meg appear to be "more than friends" ;) , which is of course a wonderful bonus to a shoujo-ai fan to myself. Some people cannot see it, but in my eyes the show is fairly subtext heavy and im hoping for more throughout the series and OVA.

VISUALS: The shows from GONZO, so it can be expected to be shiney and full of wondrous special effects as standard. But I was blown away by the quality of this. Perhaps the most stunningly visual show I have currently witnessed.

SOUND: Nice surround sound on both English and Japanese audio tracks, I can't say which I prefer having a stunning Japanese VA in Megumi Toyoguchi as Meg and a
stunning English VA in Monica Rial as Jo. I liked both the audio tracks to tell you the truth.

EXTRAS: (I only will mention these on shows where I watch the extras which isn't very often) Tonnes. The most I've seen on a disc. You have the basic opening/closing (including FUnimations re-dub of the end theme) , the Japanese audio drama which is quite amusing with Akeno Watanabe and Megumi Toyoguchi doing various skits and silly sketches to do with the show. The dub audio commentary with the directors and Monical Rial and Jamie Marchi discussing there roles is also pretty interesting. Finally you have a series of amusing dub outakes, some real, some silly which are entertaining to watch.


Content: 8/10 : It would have been a "fun but pointless" 7/10 were it not for the greatness of Jo and Meg

Visuals: 9/10 : Flawless

Sound: 9/10 : Top Quality dub/sub and general sound quality.

Extras: 9/10 : Can't remember actually seeing this many fun extras for a while

Uploaded some bigger pictures of the show below.
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, August 05, 2005  
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