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    Hi, and welcome to Mangaminx's Lair! I'm Mangaminx, a 21 year old female anime and manga fan, and this is my blog. Here you will find lots of reviews/screenshots and other features for your yuri anime needs! Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment! Thanks to the amazing Melainy for my latest banner!

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Thursday, August 04, 2005
About Me
Name: What do you mean my real name isn't Mangaminx? *coughs* It's Michelle
Age: Currently 21
Gender: Female
Location: England, UK (In a torture chamber for bishounen) and yes that's why I spell things with extra "u's" for my American readers.
Favourite Anime: Currently Maria-Sama Ga Miteru
Favourite Manga: Currently Genshiken
Favourite Live Action: Rather cliche as its one of the few I blogged, but Currently Memento Mori
Anime I Recommend: Maria-Sama Ga Miteru (obviously), Kaleido Star, Fruits Basket and the classic Sailor Moon!

About This Blog
Mangaminx's Lair covers a variety of anime and manga, but more often than not I shall be talking/reviewing/rambling insanely about shoujo-ai related anime and manga (I prefer to just say yuri as I'm just more used to the term, I like the word more and its easier to type). Why do I focus on such things? Because I like it of course! But I wont cover just that theme specifically
but generally more or less whatever takes my fancy. Aswell as anime and manga expect me to occasionally blog live-action titles that I have enjoyed too (or perhaps that I haven't enjoyed if im in a flaming mood).

As for a scoring system, I did used to review episodes individually then decided it was pretty pointless so now I only rate individual DVD's and full series as a rule. For DVD's up until the time of writing (22nd Febuary 06) I've been rating them based on a variety of categories but I think I will be shuffling those around eventually, getting rid of some categories and adding others.

Anyway, I'm sure your bored to tears by now so thats all I have to say! Until my next post. Adieu xxxx

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  • posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, August 04, 2005  
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